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How to create various types of products in Magento

Magento possesses various product types which all have completely or slightly different functions. Sometimes you might stuck between different products types, being confused which exactly is needed. Even in case you are using Magento for some time, you might not be acquainted with all the peculiarities of Magento products, for instance, do you know how grouped product is different from bundle?

Usually Magento product types should be considered before populating your store with new items and this step belongs to planning before moving on with work over store content. Choosing suitable product type is vital for obtaining, apt set of features required to sell your product. Without this important stage you might later on need to re-create your products in case unsuitable type was selected.

Depending on what merchandise your shop focuses primarily on, you may need different product types.

Magento has 6 different product type profiles to choose from when creating a new product: simple product, configurable product, grouped product, bundle product, downloadable product or virtual product.

We have prepared for you route map to guide you what product type might be suitable for you.

This diagram should help you decide what products are the best for your online shop.

Here is also each product type explained:

Simple Product

It is the most widely-used product kind. It is usually applied in case you need to have simple product without any particular selectable modifications. This product just should be placed into cart, paid, packed and sent. No additional options to choose. Examples: toys, DVDs, etc.

Downloadable Product

The title speaks for itself. This product has downloadable counterpart. Think about an MP3 file, Magento extension or similar. Downloadable product does not allow selecting a shipping method at checkout, simply because shipping is not needed and client receives purchased entity right away.

Virtual Product

These Magento products are not physical or digital entries. They cannot be shipped or downloaded from the link. This is a great way to sell services or intellectual products such as warranties, subscription or updates.

Configurable Product

This type of goods is used for single item with specific selectable variations to choose. This kind of Magento product types is usually used for clothing, which as a rule is customized by selecting size, color, material etc. Remember, that is it possible to choose only 1 combination per 1 “Add to cart” operation. If you need to lets say buy 1 T-Shirt of blue color, size S and one of red color size M, you need first add to cart one variation and then repeat the procedure for another.

Another way to express product in variation is simple products with custom options, though using them you will not be able to track inventory.

Grouped Product

This product type allows to sell goods as a kit in your Magento. You can also indicate how many of each item you need. So if you for example, sell Furniture, your client will be able to indicate how many chairs, couches and bedside tables to buy. You can either add to cart only 1 couch or whole set (one of each entity or all but bedside table).

Bundle Product

Using it you can also sell product as a kit, but contrary to grouped product, you cannot skip any of its components. Products belonging to it cannot be sold separately and you can only select which exactly options from offered you prefer. Think about a laptop where the customer can choose various monitors, processors, memory etc.

Hope that information and diagram were useful. If anyone has got any idea on what should be additionally included, please, let us know.

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