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Change Product Type in Magento

Magento is packed with several product types: simple, grouped, configurable, virtual, bundle, downloadable.

When you add a product, the first action you have to do is to choose to which product type this item should belong.

magento change product type
magento change product type

Once that choice is made and product is saved, then it is fixed and it is not possible to edit product type in Magento.

Suppose you have created or uploaded products into your store as simple ones and now you want to convert Magento product type to some other. What to do in this case?

Change Product Type in Magento Back-End

As was mentioned above, there is no option to simply edit product type in Magento, so you can use a workaround.

Сopy the URL of the old product (the one with incorrect type) and delete it. Re-create new product with needed type and inputting product details, paste copied URL key into the corresponding field. Save changes and view your newly-created product of the necessary type.

magento change product type
magento change product type
magento change product type
magento change product type

Convert Type For Magento Products in Bulk

Manually re-creating products is not the suitable solution if you have lots of products for which you would like to edit type. Of course, if you are tech specialist you can do some programming and modify the code.

In case you need to bulk change product type for multiple goods and you want to do it with a simple button-click, instead of difficult coding or dangerous database tables editing, consider using Store Manager for Magento application.

Use 14-day fully-functional version of Store Manager for Magento to convert product type easily! Download FREE!

For your convenience we have also made the video to visualize the instructions for you to get the better understanding of how the process works.

To convert product from ANY to ANY Magento type, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. In Store Manager select the products you would like to modify type for.
  2. Select ‘Change Type’ option from toolbar or from context menu appearing after right-clicking at any of selected goods.

  3. magento change product type
    magento change product type

  4. In the small window you will see the drop-down from where you have to select the new type you want to be assigned to selected products.

  5. magento change product type
    magento change product type

    Note: If you have products with associations they will be lost during type converting and you might need to re-establish them after the procedure.

  6. Check the results! Nothing is broken and the products are available for view.

  7. magento change product type
    magento change product type

Check detailed step-by-step instructions of most widely-used Magento product type convertation cases.

Change type for your Magento products massively to any you like in seconds with Store Manager for Magento! Try Now!

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Kane • 10/29/2019

Is there any way to convert Simple product to config. product? I have 2600 products all should be config. product.

Magento Store ManagerMod Kane • 10/29/2019

Hello Kane,
By default in Magento 1.x there is no option to change product type after item is created. So if you do not want to re-create products with the needed types, you can either use our tool for this purpose.
Here is the 2-nd article with video to see how it works in action - Converting Magento Simple Products into Configurable.