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How to Import Magento Virtual Products

magento virtual products
magento virtual products

Adding products to Magento you are supposed to decide on type these merchandise will belong to. Each product type possesses certain set of features, consequently, choosing must be done carefully in order to ensure efficient product management.

Magento virtual products form separate product class and stand for non-physical or non-digital entities. On condition that you are going to sell some services, warranties, subscriptions, offer consultancy or online training courses, this product type is exactly what is needed. Virtual merchandise do not require to be shipped, downloaded or delivered in any way.

When virtual products should be created, you can, of course, resort to traditional method and add each of items manually one by one, or take more rational and productive way out, to be more precise, upload them en masse. Store Manager for Magento comprises easy-to-use and intuitive Magento product import utility by means of which you can in no time append necessary virtual products to your shop.

Pre-Import Tasks

Since you perform Magento virtual products import from the file, you are to check whether appropriate product details are provided, namely fields required for products to be created (in case new virtual products should be created) or fields to be renewed (on condition that previously added products should be updated).

So, what fields can not be missed if new virtual products should be appended to your website?

  • Product name - first of all you must provide name of merchandise in corresponding column of the file
  • Product type - specify what type products will belong to (virtual)
  • Quantity - input quantity for virtual merchandise
  • Product attribute set - it is obligatory to indicate what attribute set product will be assigned to and, respectively what attributes will be inherent to each of product
  • SKU - input unique identification code for items to be uploaded
  • Status - set product status to Enabled
  • Visibility (recommended Catalog, Search)
  • Description, short description - fill in these fields with information that describes virtual merchandise
  • Price - figure out how much money customers should pay to get the product
  • Tax Class - decide on tax class products will refer to

It is also necessary to specify what category products will be placed to and, if the store has several views, indicate what website(s) virtual products will be assigned to.

All the fields enumerated above are not required if Magento virtual products have been added formerly and need to be updated only. In such a case the file should contain fields to be updated (e.g description, price, category) and identifier, products will be recognized by.

Product Import Settings

The import file being arranged, commence on virtual product upload. The procedure is quite similar to simple products import and in order to attain desired outcomes you should carefully proceed with import settings, namely

  • correctly link file columns and database fields - indicate what field at database information will be transferred to and opt for proper identification method
  • magento virtual products
    magento virtual products

  • properly designate import options. As it was mentioned, you can upload new virtual products, update ones added previously or carry out both operations at once. Import methods at the last step of the import wizard are responsible for that. Define what operation should be accomplished choosing proper import method. You can also handle products that already exist at database (e.g set them out of stock)

  • magento virtual products
    magento virtual products

Virtual products are one-component, non-tangible goods that can be sold as individual products or be part of Magento grouped or bundle products. Merchandise of this type do not need to be shipped, delivered or downloaded. Store Manager makes virtual product administrating simple and lets you massively update or add them via product import wizard.

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