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Magento Bundle Products

When creating Magento catalog, you can use different product types, bundle product being one of them. Bundles belongs to the composite products type. They represent a separate, single entry in the catalog, though it embraces multiple items. You can put to bundle merchandises any of the simple or virtual product from the catalog.

Bundle Magento product lets buyers customize the purchase and choose wares that meet their requirements. Thus, such an item comprises several products and customers should choose from different configuration options when buying this product.

Oftentimes notions of bundle and grouped products confuse store owners. Bundle products represent more complex product combinations. Each of associated products has one or several selections. Unlike grouped wares, components of which are ordered as separate items, bundles act like configurable: in pricing and orders they are represented by parent and child items.

Computer is a typical example of Magento bundle products. Case, monitor, warranty can be added as bundle items, customer can select between (monitor size, case colour, warranty term).

Magento bundle products
Magento bundle products

How to Create Bundle Products with Store Manager

Adding bundle item to Magento catalog is accomplished within several steps with Store Manager application. First of all, decide on Attribute Set on the basis of which bundle products will be created. Create necessary attribute set and add required attributes or modify existing attribute set.

Add Bundle Items

After this create all the simple items, bundle product will incorporate. Click on Add New Product icon on the toolbar or find this option in the context menu. Designate product details, such as name, description, SKU, status, price, visibility, etc. Add each of the options in such a way. For example, if you want to represent cases in two colours (black and grey), create two different products (black case and grey case).

Create Bundle Product

Once all bundle product “constituents” are created, turn to bundle product creating. For that you need to select Bundle Product option from the drop-down and indicate suitable attribute set in Create Product Setting dialog box.

Magento bundle products
Magento bundle products

Proceed with settings displayed in Edit Product Data window. Here you will find a couple of differences as compared to simple products. When creating bundle products you will find that it is possible to set their SKU, weight and price as fixed or dynamic.

In case you put Dynamic option for weight, weight will be calculated from the weight of the bundle items that will be selected by a customer. Having chosen Fixed option and specified value, it will be shown notwithstanding what items are selected by customer. The setting for Magento bundle products also has drop-down and you can select either Dynamic or Fixed. For product price to be calculated from bundle items price, select Dynamic. On condition that you want stable price to be displayed no matter what products are selected by shopper, choose Fixed from the drop-down.

There is also Price View option, represented by As Low As and Price range selections. Price Range being indicated, the lowest and the highest product prices will be displayed at the front-end. If you specify As Low As, the lowest possible price of the bundle will be shown at the front-end.

Assign Simple Items to Bundle Product

Now it is time to assign simple products to bundle one. Browse the catalog in order to find bundle product to assign simple items to it or use search functionality. After this go to the lower grid and switch to Bundle Items tab. Click on Add New Item button on the toolbar. Edit Bundle Item Data window will appear. You need to designate bundle items details in this form.

Magento bundle products
Magento bundle products

Title - specify title of bundle as it will appear at the front-end

Input Type - this option defines the way, customers will be able to choose item at the front-end. It is possible to set this field as Drop-down, Radio Buttons, Checkbox, Multiple Select.

Is Required - indicate whether this item will be required and a customer must choose it when making the purchase.

Position- if you have several bundle items, indicate position this or that element will be displayed at the front end.

Add selections to the bundle via product search form choosing previously created simple products.

How to Create and Modify Bundle Products via import with Store Manager

Store Manager allows you to import various product types, including bundle products.

The import of bundle products is performed via the Products Import Wizard.

At the screenshot below, you can see an example of file structure for the correct import.

Magento Store Manager Import Bundle CSV sample
File structure to import a bundle product

To get your sample file, you can export bundle product from your store, modify it, and then import back.

On the step where database fields are assigned to CSV columns be sure to map all columns ralated to a bundle product (SKU, Bundle Ship, Bundle Options, Bundle Selections, and Bundle Selections Price):

Magento Store Manager Bundle Product Import Map Fields
Map Fields to import Magento Bundle Products Correctly

Wrapping Up

With Store Manager for Magento you can swiftly arrange bundle products - add them to Magento catalog, modify or remove unnecessary items.

Find more about Store Manager and functionality it comprises - How to create different types of products in Magento

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