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Magento Bundle Products Import

Magento bundle products
Magento bundle products

You may need to sell your products in sets and allow clients to “construct” the purchase by selecting among offered items the ones that fit best. A good example of bundle item in Magento can be PC. Basically when you need to buy computer you most likely will have to indicate RAM size and might need additionally web-cam or headset of certain brand.

In case there are multiple goods you would like to be bundle, you might be looking for possibility to add them in bulk. Store Manager for Magento extends the abilities of product import function and allows to correctly upload bundle products keeping relations with associated simple goods.

Magento import of bundle products via Store Manager can be used for assigning existing simple products to main bundle item as well as for creating completely new sets of goods.

For that it is required to place the data in special format in your spreadsheet for import. Here are a few required fields to be included in the file for successful bundle products upload with explanation of what information to be included and specific format:

  • Identificator field(s): Product ID, SKU, Name for goods to be uploaded without errors returning. This is especially important for products update, since the fields will serve for linking associated products to parent one. Besides, there should be included identifiers for main bundle product as well as for simple products you upload.
  • Product type - which goods are bundle and which are simple ones.
  • Bundle Ship - in front of bundle item you have to indicate “Together” for the items to be shipped as one.
  • Bundle Options - this column should be filled in for main bundle product and should contain the following information - name of bundle option (the text that will be shown for client before selection variant), code for input type of option (select for drop-down, checkbox etc), 1 for required option or 0 for non-required one, option position number. The mentioned info should be separated by delimiter.

For example - option name;checkbox;1;2

In most cases there are multiple options and values for each option. They should be indicated like here -

first option;select;1;1,second option;checkbox;0;2

(as you see information belonging to one and the same option is divided by semicolon and one option from another is separated by comma symbol).

  • Bundle Selections - this field should contain 5 entries related to each associated simple product. For example - SKU;5;1;2;1,
  • where SKU is simple product’s SKU, 5 - number for product position, 1 for marking it as default (put 0 if not), 2 for default quantity and 1 for user defined (put 0 if not). You see there that information related to one associated simple product is separated by semi-colon, so do not forget about separators. For multiple simple products you need to divide them either by double of other delimiter you use.

Here is example of file format for Magento import of bundle products:

Magento bundle products
Magento bundle products

Please, remember that in case you upload new products, you also need to include all the fields required for new entities creation and visibility at the front-end.

Proceed with information upload though Import/Export Wizard of Store Manager for Magento -


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amit • 05/16/2016

Hi. I have a problem with my product import. If i upload any type of product to my site by csv. it comes in admin correctly with assigned category but it does not show in my site. but when i select same category for same category manually then it works please let me know what is the problem.

Magento Store ManagerMod amit • 05/18/2016

Do you import your products via back-end import/export or via Store Manager? In order for the products to be visible ay the front-end, please, make sure that you have specified the settings described in this article - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/magento-product-management/magento-product-page/

Daniela • 01/29/2015

Hello! Can this tool be used to import the price for the bundle item ? I just whant to obtain a setting like in attachment. I already downloaded the trial version, but it does'nt seem to work. I also tried as explained here: http://wiki.magmi.org/index.php?title=Bundle_Item_processor but no success at all. Is it obtainable ?

Comment screens
Comment screens

Magento Store ManagerMod amit • 01/30/2015

Hello Daniela!
Store Manager works the same was as default Magento. The price of bundle item can be:
- either fixed - http://www.screencast.com/t/ynSvoxyLe
- or consist of the price of simple products - http://www.screencast.com/t/PACGFdNW

the attachment, there is show what data is shown in Magento bundle
items by default. There is no price fields, as as I told you, the price
of simple items is either ignored or price of simple products are taken
into account.

From the screen-shot you have provided I can say
that you have customized Magento or extension, which we are not
recommending, as new update of Magento might be the problem for you.

Store Manager for Magento imports bundles correctly and works as Magento identically to Magento logics.
If you import bundles, just indicate the price of simple items and do
other settings to make price dynamic and everything will work smoothly.

Comment screens
Comment screens

Klaus A
Klaus A • 01/21/2015

Why is this not working then?

bundle options
nor this

bundle selections
35762;0;1;1;0|35962100;1;0;0;0|35892;3;0;0;0||35754;0;1;1;0||351548;0;1;1;0 https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/how-to-create-different-types-of-products-in-magento/magento-bundled-products/magento-bundle-products-import/

Magento Store ManagerMod Klaus A • 01/21/2015

Look at me screen-shot carefully - http://www.screencast.com/t/jgPnLiAT
I have used pipe (|) to separate one bundle option from another, thus double pipe (||) means that it separates one product from another.

Basing on your example, the data in columns can be separated in this way

bundle options
bundle selections
35762;0;1;1;0|35962100;1;0;0;0|35892;3;0;0;0;;35754;0;1;1;;0351548;0;1;1;0 and indicate pipe as delimiter - http://www.screencast.com/t/ZWEKueNWL

and this way under option Tagbøjle will be 3 product, under Fodsæt - 1 product and under Kit also one product.

This should work.

In case you have some specific products pattern, send us the example and we will help you with formatting.

Klaus A
Klaus A eMagicOne • 01/21/2015

bundle options

bundle selections

results in this with NO product in bundle options "Fodsæt"..?

Comment screens
Comment screens

Magento Store ManagerMod Klaus A • 01/21/2015

I have tried from our side and this pattern is working. We need to check your file and settings.
Please, send us the import file and your import configuration file (saved at the last step of import) via https://support.emagicone.com/submit_ticket and we will check it.

Klaus A
Klaus A eMagicOne • 01/21/2015

Please see the ticket sent to MAGENTO department just now with attachments.

Klaus A
Klaus A • 01/15/2015

"For multiple simple products you need to divide them either by double of other delimiter you use."
Can you please give an .csv example and let me know how to set up a double delimiter in StoreManager as it is not working for me!

Magento Store ManagerMod Klaus A • 01/15/2015

Thank you for your question.
Check the screen-shot of the file in the article - SKU00019;5;0;2;1,SKU00018;4;0;1;1 - there semicolon is used for options of the same product and comma is used to separate one product from another.

For example, if you use pipe symbol (|) to separate data associated, to divide multiple simple products use double pipe - || Check this screen-capture - http://www.screencast.com/t/jgPnLiAT

Also do not forget to indicate what separator is used at this step of import - http://www.screencast.com/t/ZWEKueNWL

Hope it helps.