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Change Order in Which Bundle Options/Child Products are Listed

Bundle of products is something you’d want to sell in batch. When combining some associated products in the bundle and selling them as a set, you most likely will need to show some of the options/items in the first place in order to get customers’ attention.

Let’s have a look at the example. We have the product - Computer with options to choose - case, warranty, memory and hard drive.

position of bundle products
position of bundle products

Maybe these sequence of options in the pack is not the best, as memory and hard drive deserve primarily attention and case and warranty can be selected afterwards. The sort order is important in this case.

The same thing is with products within a pack. You might be interested in displaying some of goods prior to other ones. For example, if you have let’s say 10 cases for computer, you may want to show more expensive ones at the top of the list.

So in both of the cases you need to change the order in which options or products in them are listed. Let’s see how to do this.

Set Order of Options to Choose in Bundle

1. Go to Catalog-> Manage products of your Magento back-office.

2. Find necessary bundle product and open its edit form.

In the ‘Bundle Items’ tab you can see options and products associated to this pack (if already created) or can add them if necessary.

Each of options have related fields to fill in details, like title, input type, is required and position.

The last one is responsible for representation of these options at the front-end.

3. Let’s make memory option the first and for that we put 1 value for position, hard drive - 2nd order, case need to be 3rd choice and warranty the last option at the list and has number 4.

position of bundle products
position of bundle products

4. Press ‘Save’ and check the results at the front-end.

position of bundle products
position of bundle products

Please note, in case the changes are not represented at product page, you might need to flush Magento cache and perform reindex.

Change Sequence of Associated SKU’s in Bundle Options

Like bundle options, associated to them simple products also have the field to set position.

position of bundle products
position of bundle products

You can set needed position for each selection simply indicating the number that correspond to order of products appearing in the pack.

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Massively Modify Sequence of Appearing Bundle Options/Child Products

Store Manager for Magento will help you in bulk set or change position of associated options and SKUs importing associated data.

  • Export
  • In case bundle products with child options and goods are already created, the first step will be to export them. If not, you can create one test product manually and bring the data to spreadsheet to use it as an example.

    In Store Manager you can filter products, let’s say by product type, then run Export of selected products. This way you will have bundle-related data in the file and ensure that you have properly formatted spreadsheet for changes.

  • Adjust File
  • Open the received file in any spreadsheet program you are using, setting correct delimiters for the data in the fie to be parsed and organized properly.

    In your file find the field the column ‘Bundle Options’. We have 4 options one separated from another with | symbol (in our case). The last digit in each option denotes its position and the order in which it is shown at products page -

    position of bundle products
    position of bundle products

    In column ‘Bundle Selections’ the are more values and it might be more complicated to deal with. Let’s try to sort things out.

    In this column you have in front of bundle product SKUs of associated simple products with related details(separated by semicolon). If they belong to the same bundle option they are separated with pipe symbol, if to different - by double delimiter, which in our case is double semicolon.

    position of bundle products
    position of bundle products

    Position of associated products is the number that is inputted right after SKU value in this field.

    Set the order of associated products for each bundle options.

    position of bundle products
    position of bundle products

    Mind: You have to be very attentive when changing values for Bundle Selections as in one cell you have lots of associated SKUs and related to them details.

    Save changes in the file.

  • Import Back
  • After all the changes are made and saved to the spreadsheet, you can run Import Wizard of Store Manager and use that file to perform massive changes of bundles’ associated items sort order.

To Conclude

It’s important to master the concept of a bundle product before making changes, otherwise, you’ll probably end up setting values the wrong way.

Get acquainted with related articles to ensure the accuracy of your work with bundle products -

Moreover, if you have any questions you can post them in the comments or contact our support directly.

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