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Create Magento Configurable Products Easily

If you need to add particularly one and the same product but in variations to your Magento store, there is another way that adding each combination as separate item. You can group all associated goods under one Magento configurable product. Lets say you have the same T-Shirt but in different sizes and colors. You can link them and at the front-end the client will see T-Shirt with drop-downs to select needed size and favourite color.

To get those drop-downs, you have to go through the whole procedure in Magento to create configurable product, namely:

  • create Magento configurable attribute or attributes
  • add all unique variations of associated simple products
  • produce main configurable product which will serve the basis for selection

Here goes step-by manual that will guide you through the process and make it much more simple with Store Manager for Magento:

Create Magento configurable attribute

Go to “Attributes” section of Store Manager. There you will see that the window is divided into 3 parts. Due to this intuitive data placement, you will see and can manage all the attributes, attribute groups and attribute sets from one page.

Create new attribute. It should have scope - Global, Input type - Drop-down apply it to all product types. Yet only drop-downs were created. In order to be able to select something from them, you need to add attribute values. For instance, size attribute might have attribute options - small, medium, large.

Do not forget to assign Magento configurable attribute to particular attribute group of attribute set to be able to apply this attribute to the product you are going to add.

Magento create configurable product itself

Further, there are 2 ways: either create all variations of simple products or main Magento configurable product.

We start form configurable products and later on you’ll understand why.

So, press “Add new product button”. Select the attribute set to which you previously assigned configurable attributes and indicate product type. After that product form will be opened, where all item details should be filled in (pay special attention to mandatory ones).

Further, you have to create all variations of simple products associated to configurable. Though, if you have lots of attributes and attribute options, it may be time-consuming and tedious to create all of them physically. Therefore, you can create one product and clone it, changing appropriate field values or use automatic tool for generation of all combinations of simple products in a few clicks.

Generate all combinations of associated simple products

Click “Select Configurable Attributes” button in Associated Products section in the lower grid.

Select checkboxes which will be used for automated creation of simple products.

By means of “Associated simple products” option generate all variations of simple products.

Finally, if you need the price of product to vary depending on the option chosen, set price mark-ups using SuperAttributes section.

Associate Ready-Made Simple Products to Parent Configurable

In case you already have all the variations of simple products created, in Store Manager you can assign them to parent configurable.

Go to ‘Associated Products’ tab of Store Manager and perform a few simple steps:

  1. Select configurable attributes
  2. This option allows to ‘let the app know’ what drop-downs the products will have and in what parameters your simple products differ. This may be color, size, material or any other attribute that you have created, made configurable and assigned to simple products adding values.

  3. Associate products
  4. Next you can add existing products that contain selected attributes. For that you need to press ‘+’ button in associated menu and in the window appearing you will be able to check the boxes and select simple products to be added to configurable.

    Important! In case you see that after you have checked the boxes to add products, some of the other in the window became stricken out, it means that the product with corresponding attribute value has been selected and you cannot select the one of the same variation (combinations should be unique). For example, if you have selected the product with color silver size 7 and you have other item with the same values, this product will be stricken out and not available for selection.

    If all of your products became stricken out after you have ticked the box for first product, most likely it means that you have not selected configurable attributes and you have to return to step 1.

  5. Results
  6. After products are added, you can view the results at product page. In Store Manager you just need to right-click at parent configurable product and from the context menu select ‘View Product Page’.

With Store Manager your Magento configurable product is created in a few minutes without extra efforts.

Find out more on configurable products here -


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Daniel Potskovic
Daniel Potskovic • 07/25/2015

Pretty decent information. Can i create configurable product, and then export it, to see how the datasheet has to be configured regarding importing this types of products?


Magento Store ManagerMod Daniel Potskovic • 07/27/2015

Hi Daniel.

Thank you for your comment.

Sure, the best method to see format to import configurable products is to create one manually and then export it. Moreover, you can see file format and details explanation reading configurable product import in this article - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/tipstricks/what-is-magento-configurable-product-and-how-to-import-magento-configurable-products/