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Magento Downloadable Products

Online merchanys can use several types of products when creating and managing the catalog. Magento downloadable products form separate product class. These goods are being directly transferred to customers after the purchase has been done, bypassing packaging and shipping. Digital products are items with files assigned and include documents, software, audio and visual materials, etc.

Downloadable product management belongs to surpassing Store Manager for Magento functional capabilities. Virtual products are being created in several steps with Store Manager application. First of all, you have to add new item/s to Magento via “Add New Products” functionality. Make sure there is the attribute set, you will use when creating downloadable product/products.

Thus, having designated attribute set and type, current item will belong to, you are to configure general product settings in Edit Product Data form. This form incorporates several tabs, in which you need to provide product details - name, description, status, price, special price, meta tags and other. Textboxes, marked with asterisks, are compulsory and should be filled, for an item to be created.

Having added a downloadable product to Magento products list, you are to set its general configuration in Downloadable Samples and Downloadable Links tabs of Store Manager lower grid.

Designate necessary fields in Edit Downloadable Samples form - sample sort order, its title, type (URL, File) and Sample URL or File.

The following fields should be specified in Edit Downloadable Links Data: title, Maximum Downloads (maximum number of times a customer can download an item), shareable (in case this field is set to YES, clients will be able to share the downloadable link with others), sample type (URL or File), link type (URL or File), link file (upload necessary file), price.

Magento downloadable products are feasible way to make web store content diverse and customer-oriented. Manage downloadable products at an easy rate with Store Manager solution - www.mag-manager.com/free

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