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Magento Grouped Products

One of prominent Magento characteristics is that, you can handle different types of products. It widens catalog management possibilities and helps you represent products smartly at the front-end. Thus, you lean on simple and complex items when administrating product catalog. Magento grouped products belong to composite items and allow to consolidate simple products and display them on single page at the front-end.

How Actually Grouped Products Look Like?

Grouped products are designed to offer multiple standalone products for sale together on the same product page. Wares, which are brought together, do not share any specific feature, as compared to, for example, configurable products, which are the same products with one or several variable attributes. Magento grouped product is characterized by loose relationship between its constituents.

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Items, comprised by grouped product, can be sold separately or as part of grouped product. Customer can purchase whole set (all the products included to grouped item) or make a selection and add individual item (items) to cart. There is quantity box beside each item at the front-end, so that customer can indicate number of this or that item to be purchased.

Let’s view examples. Cutlery can be sold as grouped product. It will comprise knives, spoons and forks as elements. If, for example, a buyer has found this set, but does not need forks, it is possible to specify number of spoons and knives, which should be added to cart, leaving 0 for forks. Another example can be bedroom set, consisting of bed, night table, bookcase, dresser and mirror.

Magento grouped products
Magento grouped products

Grouped Product Creating Instruction

Store Manager for Magento simplifies grouped products management and makes it more of straightforward character.

To successfully create Magento grouped products you should proceed with the following actions

  1. Create simple products, grouped product will consist of via Edit Product Data form that appears in separate window once you click on Add New Product button disposed on the toolbar. First of all you need to proceed with product setting - decide on product type and specify attribute set an item will belong to. Respectively, simple product type should be selected from the drop-down.
  2. Create grouped product that will home previously created simple items. The procedure has the same scenario, but when defining product type, you should choose Grouped product from the drop-down.
  3. Magento grouped products
    Magento grouped products
  4. Link simple Magento products to the grouped one. It is being done in product lower grid. Find the main (grouped) product, move to the lower grid and switch to Associated Products tab. There is Add Associated Product button on the toolbar. Press it to add simple item to grouped. There will appear product search form, where you should provide search conditions to find simple product required. Add all simple products in such a way.
Magento grouped products
Magento grouped products

In Position field you can change products sort order. Product with the lowest order will be displayed first on the page.

Grouped products is a good way to represent multiple products for sale as a group on the same product page. Clients are free to specify what item or items from this collection they need and input quantity before adding product (products) to cart. With the help of Store Manager application you will efficiently arrange grouped items and associated goods.

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