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Bulk Change Position/ Sort Order of Simple Items Associated to Grouped Product

Magento Grouped products functionality makes it possible for store owners to bring together several simple products “under one roof”. Unlike other complex product types they do not need to have one and the same specific feature, like configurable items that cannot be added without the unique combination of variable attributes; or be indivisible parts of one greater offer like elements constituting bundle item.

This is the main reason why Magento owners more and more often tend to create grouped products. Loose relationships between associated elements make the procedure of gathering items much more effortless and this product type extremely popular. Naturally, they have to be logically grouped in order not to sell socks with computers, but this is easier than creating additional attributes or keeping an eye to add items of the same attribute set etc.

One more benefit of this product type is the fact that the client can choose what exactly items from the set and in which quantity to buy. For example, from this furniture set client needs 1 bed, 3 lamps, 2 bedside tables, 5 cushions and none chest of drawers. There is no obligation to buy each or definite amount of the entities included in the set.

magento sort simple items within grouped
magento sort simple items within grouped

So store owners can add as many associated items to parent grouped product as they wish. However, lots of online merchants noticed that unless the client is looking for a specific variation of a definite product, he/she tends to order the first ones of the grouped products listings. Thus, it is a good idea to move up the items in more demand and with the higher price for the clients to consider them faster.

To change the sort order of simple products assigned to grouped you can manually indicate their position. Nevertheless, in case you have lots of grouped items and tens of simple products linked to them, you might be looking for the means to implement the task massively.

Store Manager for Magento will assist you with the task without complicated scripts and coding. Everything is done in 3 simple steps:

Export Grouped Product Relations

In case your products are already on your website and you need to change the position of associated to grouped simple products, first of all, you need to export to the file fields with current grouped-simple items relations.

With Export Wizard of Store Manager it is enough only to have a field for product identification - SKU and check the box to export grouped product relations to the file.

magento sort simple items within grouped
magento sort simple items within grouped

This is how you can receive basis from where to start further work.

Perform Changes in the File

After you open the file you will see column with SKUs of your products, field Grouped Products grouped responsible for linking simple products to main grouped (should be filled in cell in front of main product only) and the row Grouped Products (position) with numbers corresponding to order placement of associated items.

Let’s have a look on the example to get the better understanding of what is what.

magento sort simple items within grouped
magento sort simple items within grouped

In the sample we have also columns with product name and type to illustrate the situation better, but actually you can skip them during your import.

So, as was mentioned above, the column Grouped Products grouped should be filled in front of main grouped product only and there should be indicated SKUs of associated simple products separated by commas.

The column Grouped Products (position) reflects the order in which these SKUs (basically simple products) are shown at the store front. For instance, at the moment Cushion is at top position and Lamp follows it. Bed currently has position 4.

magento sort simple items within grouped
magento sort simple items within grouped

You need to make Bed at the top of the list, since it is the most important and high-priced product of this set. This way, in column Grouped Products (position) put number 0 in front of SKU of Bed. Change other positions according to the same logic. Please note, position numbers should not be repeated for simple items belonging to the same grouped product.

Import File Back to Apply Changes

When changes were made in the file, run Import Wizard of Store Manager to bring changes back to your live store. Important here to mind the delimiters used in the file and at the appropriate step indicate the same for the spreadsheet could be parsed properly. Moreover, do not forget to assign file columns to database fields.

Change position of simple items associated to grouped product FREE with Store Manager for Magento Change Now

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