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Magento Simple Products

Magento product catalog is grounded on six product types - simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, downloadable and bundle products. Magento simple product can be characterized as basic product type and building material for complex items (configurable products, grouped products, etc) at the same time. Thus, products of this type can be sold separately or as parts of one-to-many relationship with, for example, bundle or grouped products.

Simple product is a “standalone” item, which generally has a single configuration and does not represent any selectable option for web customers. Simple products are being defined by its SKU and inventory level.

Store Manager for Magento is characterized by flexible and effective system of all Magento product types management, and simple products are not exception.

Merchants can easily create and edit simple products via Store Manager desktop application. To replenish store database with new products one has to go to corresponding option, disposed on products toolbar or find it in context menu.

The window appeared demands you to indicate Attribute Set, this very product will refer to. The attribute set chosen will be used in the course of creating other product types, e.g, configurable products. If necessary Attribute Set is not enlisted, you can create it in “Attributes” section of the application.

Move on to the next step of Magento simple product creating, where you, first of all, should choose store view, an item will be added to. In case you build website with different languages (store views), you might aim at using the same product for all the languages (for all Magento store views). It’s possible to use the same Magento product information in spite of language, as product related information will be translated into chosen languages.

After this you need to fill in “Edit Product Data” form. In this window you can find several tabs, in which product associated information should be specified. Each tab represents Magento attribute set, created before and contains necessary for filling fields, marked with a red asterisk. Make sure that data indicated are relevant and press “Ok” button to add simple product.

Store Manager for Magento gives web shopkeepers workable mechanism of simple products management, what contributes to creating ever actual Magento store content.

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