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Magento Simple Products. How to Import Simple Products

How to Import Products to Magento 2: Check step-by-step tutorial to upload products in Magento 2

Magento e-commerce platform gives online entrepreneurs a great possibility to build sites that are tailored to their specific business needs. It’s scalable, feature rich shopping cart which allows to handle different types of products and accommodate variety of goods store owners would like to sell online.

Simple products can be defined as basic product type, and, at the same time, “building material” for complex product types (configurable products, grouped products, etc). For example, configurable product, being a complex Magento product, consists of variations - simple products, which represent options for website visitors. Simple products have no selectable attributes, be it, for example, size or memory. Thus, simple product itself has no options that customers can choose, for example, book, watches, CDs, etc.

Every Magento simple product has its own SKU and inventory level. Though simple products are no-option and one-component goods, online merchants have to obtain powerful instrument for their control and well-timed management. Being far-seeing and promising web store owner, you should be ready to any product management task appearing. What does it mean? Merchandise and their inventory is quite an unsteady system - from time-to-time products price, quantity, special price, status can be changed. All these changes should be immediately brought to the system to create customer-oriented and accurate store content.

Magento simple product

Magento product import is the fastest and the most productive way of product management, especially when performed with Store Manager for Magento application. Any product related information can be uploaded or updated in no time. Store Manager greatly simplifies handling large variety of simple products.

What should be pointed out about simple merchandise appending, performed by means of Store Manager for Magento import/export wizard?

  • this application allows you to upload new products to the database as well as update already existing ones;
  • you have practical unlimited possibilities, as Store Manager copes with up to 1 000 000 products import from a single .csv file;
  • this application allows to import data from files of .csv and .xml format. In case you have Excel feed, you need to convert it to .csv;
  • Store Manager application foresees product upload from file placed locally at your PC or having HTTP, FTP URLs to remote files;
  • in the process of Magento import of simple products you can upload images to Magento database as well

Store Manager Import tool is characterized by flexibility and simplicity of usage. As it was underlined above, you can upload new information to store database as well as update alreading disposed at site data. In case you are updating store content, you need to import only required pieces of information. Let’s review the example. You need to change price (increase or decrease) for 500 simple items which already exist at your web store. The file, you are going to import, should contain column, where new product price is indicated and column with product identification method (SKU, Product name), so that the application could “recognize” goods which should be updated. There is no need to manually recalculate the price and indicate it in the file, you can automatically do it on the fly in the process of import by means of expression rule.

On condition that you planned to enrich store database with new goods, you have to describe these products from A to Z. Make sure you have all products related information indicated in file before starting Magento import of simple products operation. In case you forgot to indicate some column and made up your mind only when you have started setup process, there is no need to return, as there is the ability to input data right in the process of import. To avoid data mess after the import process is complete, indicate category path, so that each and every product will be put in its “place”.

Store Manager for Magento desktop application ensures accurate and fast product import. Moreover, if you performed image import along with Magento simple products, you can recline upon Store Diagnostics option and detect missing product images or those that are not linked to any product.

Store Manager is a mission-critical tool for management of simple products. It greatly maximizes the efficiency of data import and store content arranging, giving store owners a great possibility to launch competitive and consumer-oriented web store.

Read the article to find detailed step-by-step instruction on Magento simple products import - www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/magento-import-products

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