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Magento – Virtual Products

Magento feature richness and flexibility makes web shop management maximally convenient and approachable. When speaking about product catalog handling, possibility to create different types of Magento products comes into notice. Of course, it expands web shop catalog administrating possibilities and allows you to represent merchandise smartly at magento web site.

When setting and managing your shop catalog, you can make use of simple and composite Magento items. It is very important to choose appropriate product type and access suitable set of characteristics to sell these or those wares. Magento virtual products represent separate product class and embrace non-composite items, which can be sold individually or as part of one-to-many relationship with bundle or grouped merchandise.

Magento Virtual Products in Plain Words

Virtual products can be defined as one-component goods that can be sold separately or form a part of grouped or bundle products. These goods can be defined as non-tangible items, that is they have no physical or digital counterpart. Virtual Magento items do not require to be shipped, delivered or downloaded via any type of link. The commonest examples of virtual products are warranties, services, subscriptions, online training courses. For example, when purchasing a computer, you may be offered to buy 1- or 2-year warranty. Warranty is considered to be a virtual product.

Virtual Products Creation Directions

Store Manager for Magento offers you a convenient and facile system of virtual products management.

In order to create Magento virtual products you must accomplish several actions. First of all, define what category the product will be added to and move to this very category. After this click on Add New Product button and designate product setting in the form appeared. Specify what attribute set the product will belong to and choose appropriate product type from the drop-down. Accordingly, Virtual Product must be selected.

After this Edit Product Data form will appear. It consists of several tabs, where information about the virtual item is to be specified. For the product to be added to Magento store catalog you must input its name, description, SKU, status, visibility, price, etc. You can also load product image and add metadata via corresponding tabs.

Once you are done with product settings and want to add this item to your product list press Ok button.

Other virtual product associated data can be managed via product lower grid.

Magento virtual products form a separate product type and allow to create wares that have no physical or digital existence. Virtual items can be efficiently arranged with Store Manager for Magento software.

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