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How to Export Magento Orders to QuickBooks

QuickBooks software is designed to enhance online shop management tasks and help online merchants better organize business process. It is one of the best accounting solutions nowadays and majority of users prefers it.

Store Manager application and QuickBooks Integration extension simplify your work with QuickBooks, ensuring accurate data synchronization between your shopping cart and QuickBooks. QuickBooks Integration capabilities consist in:

  • Magento product export to QuickBooks
  • customer export from Magento to QuickBooks
  • Magento export orders to QuickBooks
  • product import to Magento

Each of the procedures is performed via step-by-step wizard, which provides the user with useful tips and instructions on how to proceed with this or that action. The procedures are characterized by consistency and the possibility of error occurrence is minimized.

As it was stated above, you can export orders to QuickBooks via this extension. Note, to perform any of above mentioned actions you should register the addon.

How to Register QuickBooks Integration Plugin?

This extension is paid and in order to run it you have to purchase it at www.mag-manager.com/magento-quickbooks-integration or store.emagicone.com/magento/accounting-integration/quickbooks-integration-for-magento.html. After that you will derive license key, using which you will register QuickBooks Integration. By default it is functioning in demo mode and you can proceed with five records only.

Addon status is available in Preferences (F12) -> Addons. If you find this extension Unregistered, press on the status and input the key in corresponding window.

Magento order export to QuickBooks
Magento order export to QuickBooks

Once QuickBooks Integration is registered, its functionality will be unlocked and you will be able to export as many orders as you need.

Procedure of Order Export Consists in the Following

To commence on export of orders you must start up the application. You can go to Order section, opt for records you would like to export to QuickBooks and launch QuickBooks via the context menu, selecting appropriate option in the drop-down. One more way to reach the addon is tab Addons of main menu. Go to it and click on QuickBooks Integration icon. The wizard will come up and you should indicate what exactly operation should be fulfilled. Respectively, Export Orders to QuickBooks operation should be chosen.

Magento order export to QuickBooks
Magento order export to QuickBooks

The succeeding step named Export Preview Data requires from you to designate customer name identifier. This window will show the orders, you are going to export. It is possible to filter orders by time period, choosing necessary option in this window.

Magento order export to QuickBooks
Magento order export to QuickBooks

On condition that QuickBooks is already running, check “I’d like to connect to it” box, otherwise choose the second option. Afterwards click on Begin Session button.

Magento order export to QuickBooks
Magento order export to QuickBooks

You are supposed to specify suitable order export option - specify order type (order, receipt, invoice), define tax options, discounts. You should take into notice that when you export Magento orders via QuickBooks Integration, they are not updated only created. Orders, in their turn, can’t be created without customers. If there is no customer, it can be created in the process of order export by checking “Create customer if does not exist” box on this step.

Magento order export to QuickBooks
Magento order export to QuickBooks

After this map customers and export orders to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Integration addon is a tool that contributes to developing competitive website. Read more about this solution here - www.mag-manager.com/magento-quickbooks-integration

Try Store Manager for Magento with QuickBooks integration yourself! Download trial!

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