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How to Add Another Dropdown/Variant to Existing Magento Configurable Products

You already have configurable products created, but there emerged the need to add drop-down with configurable options or some particular variant to the range of already existing ones? If you have already been dealing with configurable goods, you already know that the task is challenging, since basically each option from drop-down is a variation of simple products and each drop-down should be created as configurable attribute.

Is it still confusing for you? Examples will better throw light on the situation.

Adding Configurable Attribute/Variation

So imagine that you were selling handbags in that come in black, red and brown colors, but there was released new series of the same design with white-color bag included.

To add it to your configurable item you need to edit your configurable attribute “color” and add option for new color - white. Next create one more simple product - handbag of white color and assign it to your main configurable item. Basically, that’s all, when you check configurable product at store-front, you will see in drop-down “Color” one more variation to choose - white.

Configurable products
Configurable products

Adding New DropDown to Configurable Product

Magento makes this task more tedious. Let’s take the same example - handbags in different colors and assume that now manufacturer releases the same-style bags, but in three sizes - small, mid and large. Here you need to put more efforts. What exactly will be described further. First of all, we need to create another configurable attribute - size that obligatory should include the following:

  • scope - Global,
  • input type - Drop-down (please note if you select wrong input type, you will not be able to change it and have to create new attribute again)
  • apply to simple and configurable products
  • and check if after attribute creation is configurable option is set to “Yes”.
Configurable products
Configurable products

Also right away add attribute options, in our case they will be - small, mid and large. However, the things become more complicated now. Previously you had 4 products: 1 main configurable ‘Handbag’ and 3 simples - handbag black, handbag red, handbag brown. Now, when you have added another drop-down you need to have 10 products linked - 1 main configurable product and 9 variations of simple products. Taking into account that you already have 1 main configurable item created and 3 simple products can just be edited and color selected, you have to create 6 more entities.

Configurable products
Configurable products

How to Speed Up the Procedure and Perform It Massively?

So, you have understood, that either adding variation or dropdown requires from you, beside of attribute options adding, to create new simple products and assign them to main configurable item in your shopping cart.

Adding a few more won’t be too tiresome, however, in case you have hundreds of products, you will be definitely interested in the methods to perform the procedure in bulk. With Store Manager you have valuable opportunity to either generate combinations of associated simple products or add them in bulk via Magento import of configurable products.

Generating of all variations requires from you a few clicks and minutes (or even seconds if the list if not so long). Besides, there is no need to edit existing goods, as you can re-write them clearing previous associations.

More details you can find in this article -


Alternatively, you can perform export of existing configurables, see file format of data placement, add details and indicate associations in the spreadsheet and import configurable products with associated items to Magento applying changes.

Tutorial on configurable products import file format read here -


If you have any questions concerning any of above mentioned points, contact us at contact@emagicone.com for further assistance.

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