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How to Add/Change Magento Special Prices for Multiple Products

Magento special price is the way to encourage sales establishing temporary promotion. Time-limited price reductions is a good discounting strategy for example during the period of seasonal sales or when the owner needs to get more profit from selling more. At this your regular price will be crossed and more convenient special price is offered for clients’ view.

To sell goods for special price, usually lower and regular cost, is usually required when some massive price changes should be introduced. Naturally, you can select just a few goods to add to specials, but anyway manually managing special prices and their start and end dates can turn the task to a real hassle.

With Store Manager for Magento you can perform special prices import or massively assign reduced values to regular prices or modify already applied pricing strategy. Both ways allow you save time and reduce efforts greatly.

Multi-Editor Tool for Bulk Changes of Specific Price

Multi-Editor tool is built in Store Manager and makes possible to implement modification of product-related information just in a few clicks. Basically, all you need to do is to select necessary goods, right click and choose Multi Editors -> Product Multi Editor -> Price Tab.

If you need to put for all selected products the same special price, you can right away input the value and update the list.

In case special prices need to be calculated let’s say on the basis of regular price, then you can make use of special expression rules to ensure automated recalculations. For example, special price should be 10% lower than product’s regular price, then you have to input the following expression rule to field “Special Price” -


This formula means that from value indicated in field “Price” will be calculated 10% off and the received number will constitute special price.

Put in the formula in the Expression field
Put in the formula in the Expression field

To make promo available only for some predefined term, indicate when new price goes into effect and when it expires (after that old price will be actual again).

Magento Special Price Import

In case special price values vary, much more approachable way of performing the task might be special prices import from .csv file. Basically, for the upload to work smoothly, in the file you need to have the column with product identifier and also the columns responsible for special price input/update: Special Price, Special Price From Date, Special Price To Date.

Further... do not be afraid, the procedure will not include coding and special technical skills. In Store Manager there is available handy import/export wizard that makes the procedure feasible for experts as well as those who make it for the first time.

The most important steps of the process are:

  • selecting correct delimiters for proper file parsing
  • Select correct delimiters for proper file parsing
    Select correct delimiters for proper file parsing

  • and assigning .csv columns with information to appropriate database names -
  • Assign .csv columns with information to appropriate database names
    Assign .csv columns with information to appropriate database names

More detailed explanation of how the process goes you can find here -


Setting a reasonable pricing strategy constitutes one of the biggest marketing decisions a business undertakes. Quick implementation of this strategy is a key to making good profit.

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