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How to Add/Update Magento Attribute Values for Products in Bulk

Magento attributes of multiselect and dropdown input type are widely used by store owners to represent diverse product characteristics. When these characteristics vary for certain range of merchandise within catalog, you should respectively update Magento attribute values for them or create and assign values, if they do not exist in attribute set.

Since Magento admin import is not flexible enough, store owners resort to manual product update, that is not efficient for immense product quantities, or decide this task programmatically, that is not approachable way out for ordinary users.

Store Manager for Magento includes the ability to instantly apply attribute (dropdown and multiselect) changes to numerous items at once.

Assign/Update Attribute Values Via Import

Magento import is undoubtedly the most convenient way to input or update Magento attribute value. Store Manager for Magento lets you quickly assign or rewrite existing attribute value, if this is specified in the spreadsheet.

Suppose your store sells clothes. In order to provide customers more details about garments, you create dropdown attribute ‘Material’ and assign corresponding Material values to each of items. At some point you need to update Magento attribute value for clothing garments throughout different categories at your store.

In order to update attribute value via import, you should have at least new attribute value and product identifier in the feed you’ll use for import.

Currently our test products have ‘Cotton’ value of Material attribute assigned. We are going to update Material attribute to ‘Silk’ or ‘Suede’. The sample file keeps these values as well as some extra details, like price, quantity, category. If you want to update or add other details, just store them in the same spreadsheet.

Run import wizard and proceed with configuration to successfully update attribute. Follow this step-by-step tutorial on Magento import with detailed overview of each step - Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely

If attribute values, you have specified in the import file, do not exist, they will be created (assigned as options to corresponding attribute) and updated for imported products.

Whenever your products have no attribute values specified at all, you can assign any in the same way, we have just updated. Doing it massively is always handy with import facility.

Assign/Update Attribute Values with Multi Editor

Bulk Magento attribute value update or assign can be fulfilled via Product Multi Editor. It keeps all the attributes, available in product attribute set and lets you easily reset or assign values. In this example we are going to update Manufacturer attribute of multiselect input type. Update runs in the following way:

  1. Select products, you want to assign or update Magento attribute value for in Store Manager.

  2. Activate Product Multi Editor pressing its icon on the toolbar.

  3. Find the attribute, value of which you want to update and expand list with all options.

  4. Select attribute value you want to assign, check ‘Update’ button for the attribute and confirm update.

Update your products massively and reset/assign necessary Magento attribute values on the fly with Store Manager for Magento.

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