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How to Bulk Update Magento Product SKUs

Being involved into Magento commerce, you already know, none of products will be created, until it carries SKU. It’s, arguably, one of the most essential attributes in Magento and should not recur throughout product catalog. Here we explain why:

Magento SKU: Deciphered

Abbreviation SKU stands for “Stock Keeping Unit” and, evidently, is related to Magento inventory management. It is a unique identifier, used by Magento system to track product inventory. Consequently, you will make a mistake duplicating SKUs, since, as it has been mentioned above, each of merchandise is associated with unique SKU. If, for example, you have abundance of listings and some have the same names, it would be difficult to differentiate them, until you use SKU for search.

Magento SKU Update
Magento SKU Update

Generally, SKUs are alphanumeric, though you can select your format creating meaningful and recognizable identifiers for products to ensure fluent inventory control. Product codes would be concise if they include some product details, as an example, product size variation, material or manufacturer.

Product SKU attribute is global, what means, it is identical for particular product through all websites, stores and store views and when you update SKU, you should keep this in mind.

Need to Change SKU?

It turns out that inventory tracking is difficult without accurately configured SKUs and at times you may need to accomplish Magento SKU update for one reason or another to avoid these difficulties.

Imagine supplier or manufacturer, your resell products from, change product codes. Your further cooperation is possible only if these codes will coincide with SKUs of products you are offering at your store.

What Do You Resort to When Product SKUs Require Renewing?

Do you like the idea of changing SKU for each product manually? You need to open product after product and insert new value for SKU field. You give up and start to search how people are doing this. Some sources recommend SKU updating through default Magento import/export. You have to export entire product table, edit SKU field either manually or via macros and import the file back again. Sounds like it is quite simple procedure, but “you can run into all kinds of problems” but as Magento users recognize. Being familiar with coding and preferring programmatic approach, you can, of course fulfil Magento SKU update with the help of scripts. Although if you want to do it in the most efficient way, this is what you are looking for

Store Manager for Magento facilitates bulk SKU update via Product Multi Editor and starting from version allows to change product SKUs via import.

Change SKUs for Multiple Selected Products FREE Change SKUs Now

Update SKU via Multi Editor

Multi Editor allows you to apply bulk modifications to numerous highlighted products at one stroke. Changes are being implemented with the help of expression.

  1. Select listings you need to update SKU for
  2. Open Multi Editor pressing respective button on the toolbar or in the context menu
  3. Open Expression Editor for SKU field like it is shown at the screenshot

  4. Magento SKU Update
    Magento SKU Update

  5. Build an Expression applying which you will get Magento SKU update done for these merchandise

  6. Expression is a special formula, we can say, command. When this command is executed, you get Magento SKU updated. For example, you want to add SKU that will consist of product EAN code, color attribute and product ID. Sample expression, we have configured, can be used in this case.

    Magento SKU Update
    Magento SKU Update

    • Please, make sure selected product listings belong to the same attribute set, since Multi Editor will not update items from various attribute set at once. First selected listings will be updated only.
    • If you do not use expression and provide identical SKU value for selected items, no changes will be applied, since each of products in your store catalog should have unique SKU value assigned.

    You can construct various expressions depending on your needs and apply them as it has been just described. Learn more about expressions and find sample formulae in the post - Bulk Update Magento Products Applying Expressions in Multi Editors

    Update Product SKU via Import

    Store Manager is famous for approachable and unpretentious import functionality. Having only two columns in the import file, you can set new SKUs for necessary products.

    To accomplish update successfully, you have to consider the following points:

    1. It is enough to have product identifier ID and new product SKU in the file used for Magento import. You can use other identifiers if these are unique for each of products and remains the same throughout certain period of time.

    2. Magento SKU Update
      Magento SKU Update

    3. This very identifier should be selected on “Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields” step of Store Manager import wizard, when you configure data import settings
    4. Make sure file columns are linked to database fields properly to avoid inaccuracies

    Magento SKU Update
    Magento SKU Update

    Important! Leave “Add and modify” import method in the last import wizard window if you use Store Manager version

    *Please note, one and the same file can be use for one time SKU update.

    Step-by-step Magento product import via Store Manager instruction is outlined in the article - Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely

    What method will you choose if it comes to Magento SKU update? Certainly you would prefer fast, understandable and accurate one. All the characteristics are combined in Store Manager application.

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