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How to Change Position of Magento Custom Options or Option Values?

Having functionality to facilitate product options out of the box is one of the reasons why so many people prefer Magento platform. Applying custom options to certain items would allow you to smartly organize variables when your customers will be able to select desired variant without having to browse number of product pages.

Frequently, due to multiplicity of custom options and their values, you might need to sort them somehow and define Magento custom option position. As is generally known, there are custom options of select and non-select type. Custom options that belong to the first type represent choices at the front-end (drop-down, radio button, checkbox or multiselect input type), whereas non-select options allow buyers to add their specifications or requirements - text, image to be printed on a product, delivery time, etc.

There is no restriction on number of custom options and values (for select-type options) you can assign to this or that product. It means you can combine select and linear options for one item. When there is more than one option, you come to a point that each should acquire definite position, some should be prior, must be displayed first and so on. This task might be tedious and laborious, especially when numerous products with Magento custom options are to be handled. Luckily, Store Manager for Magento copes with cumbersome data management tasks.

You will find it amazingly simple to designate sort order for custom options notwithstanding how many products need to be managed.

Change Custom Option or Value Sort Order Manually

At times you need to modify position for several custom options or their values only. In Store Manager custom options for each product are displayed in the lower grid. When you put necessary product into focus and open Custom Options tab of the lower grid, there you will find custom options assigned to selected product. If options are of select type, you will also find values. Each option and value takes separate row, that also contains price, price type, SKU and other details depending on custom option type. Among these characteristics you can find Sort Order field, where Magento custom option position or value position can be changed.

Magento import of custom options
Magento import of custom options

Import Product Custom Options

When custom options of multiple products should be managed, manual modifications is not the way out. Store Manager for Magento enhances data management and caters for mass custom option management. Import/Export custom option wizard lets you export them to the file or transfer from the file to shopping cart.

If you want to add products with custom options in the process of import, you should remember that when importing you can add options to already existing products. In other words, products must be created in advance or firstly uploaded through product import wizard. If products have custom options at the moment, but you want to change their position or position of values, export them to the file, change position and import file back to database. Anyway, you should correctly organize import file. Check the screenshot below demonstrating .csv file with custom options.

Magento import of custom options
Magento import of custom options

You might get confused with custom option sort order column, since there are several records for one and the same custom option. The matter is these custom options have several values, take several rows in the file and position is provided in each row. You should also clearly distinguish, there is position of custom option itself and position of values within custom options if option is of select type.

After you upload the file. custom options will be displayed at the front-end as follows:

Magento import of custom options
Magento import of custom options

In this way you can rearrange Magento custom options, put some on the first place or change position of values and set, for example, values that do not have price markup first in the list. Generally speaking there might occur different situations so that handy custom option management tool should always be at disposal.

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