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How to Change Sort Order of Magento Related Products

Showcasing Magento related products to customers is quite an expedient maneuver and majority of online entrepreneurs implement it in order to draw buyers’ interest, increase sales and boost income respectively.

How many related items can you link to these or those Magento products? Some may have one or two additional items, when other come with variety of related merchandise. Evidently, you would like to display them in specific order, in other words, you have to set Magento related product position.

If you are looking for convenient and quick way to change sort order of related products, Store Manager for Magento is at your disposal. Due to agile data structuring and comprehensive toolkit, you can instantly organize related products and configure or update their sequence either manually or via import.

Manually Change Sort Order of Magento Related Products

Product data is accurately arranged in Store Manager application. All product associated details can be found in respective tab of the lower grid, so if one has related merchandise assigned, they can be accessed in “Related Products” tab.

For example, we have created test product Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II camera and ascribed several related accessories to it. Memory card comes first is this list, but we want to substitute it for waterproof case.

Sort Order of Related Products
Sort Order of Related Products

We switch to product lower grid, Related Products tab, activate Position field for "waterproof case" product and make it prior.

Sort Order of Related Products
Sort Order of Related Products

In the same way we can rearrange sort order for other related products and specify their exact position at the product page.

Set Position for Related Products via Import

Display order of related products can be altered via import. It is more applicable when you need to process multitude of merchandise, although you should consider some peculiarities to get products updated successfully.

There are some requirements to the import file, you should get acquainted with.

  • The file must preserve product relations. That is, you are expected to specify what related products are assigned to main product, enumerating their SKUs in corresponding Related Products column of your .csv file (detaching by delimiter) in the same row, main product SKU is provided.
  • Related Products (Position) column defines the order, associated items will be represented in, for customers. In the row, main product SKU and related products’ SKU are designated, position for each is configured. Check the screenshot, where sample file is depicted

Optionally we include price and name for our products, but these are not obligatory if your task is to update related product sort order only.

Sort Order of Related Products
Sort Order of Related Products

Proper file structuring can be attained via export. You can simply export desired products (keeping product relations) to .csv file, change position for related products and import the feed back to Magento. When exporting products, you should enable product relations export (check box for related products), define how related products will be linked to the main product (by ID or SKU) and select fields to be exported.

Sort Order of Related Products
Sort Order of Related Products

So, the file is ready and now we can commence on Magento import of related products with the aim to renew their sort order and change the way they are displayed at the storefront. Proceed with usual data upload settings configuring, taking into consideration fields mapping step of the import wizard, where product relations identification method (the one specified in the import file) should be selected.

Sort Order of Related Products
Sort Order of Related Products

Control the way, related products are represented at the storefront and make premium ones shown at the top of the list using Store Manager for Magento.

Control the way Magento products are showcased with Store Manager! Try FREE!

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