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How to Create Magento Configurable Products From Existing Simple Ones?

How to create configurable products? The question is often asked among Magento community members and they get various instructions in reply, respectively. It is not like there is no clear explanation on the process, the matter is, merchants have several methods at disposal and can choose the one depending on circumstances.

Store Manager accommodates to business requirements and allows to fulfill different manipulations with variables. One can generate all the associated products having Magento configurable product. On condition that both, main and associated products exist in catalogue, the last can be easily linked to configurables. Alternatively, you may resort to import practice and instantly append multitude of products to your shop.

What if we complicate the task? Imagine there are hundreds of simple products in the catalog and now you want to group them by some criteria and make configurables out of them? For example, women handbags, available in five colours, are being sold as separate products. You come to the conclusion that more reasonable will be to change product type and sell them as configurables.

May be you migrated to Magento and previous shopping cart did not cater for customized products? Anyway, using Store Manager functional capabilities you will quickly bring order to product catalog.

Create Configurable Product by Configurable Attributes

This option groups simple items by configurable Magento product attribute, creates main product and associate selected simple items to the main one.

  1. Select simple products on the basis of which main product will be created. In other words, after Store Manager generates main product, these items will be linked to it as associated and will represent variables at the front-end.
  2. Right click and find Create Configurable Product option in the context menu.
  3. Select configurable attribute, associated products vary by (e.g bags differ in colour, correspondingly colour is configurable attribute)

  4. Confirm the procedure clicking on OK

Main configurable product will be added and it will home simple products, you have selected, if they have configurable attribute value assigned. Respectively, simple products can be viewed in Associated product tab of the lower grid.

  • Simple products that will represent selections, should belong to the same attribute set. If this attribute set do not possess configurable product attribute you will not be able to create configurables.
  • If simple item has no configurable attribute value assigned, it will be skipped.

Create Configurable Product by Certain Parameter

This option allows to perform more complicated procedure. Store Manager will “scan” all the simple products within the store, group them by certain criterion and create “container” for them. Criterion is Magento product attribute identical throughout simple entities. In other words, each of simple products, that should be associated to configurable should have the same attribute value assigned. Good examples of these attributes are EAN code, ICEcat code, Doba id.

If above enumerated attributes are not assigned to simple entities and respectively you do not have parameter to group them into configurable, you can allot, for example, some code to these products using Multi Editor.

What should be accomplished?

  1. Launch the functionality from the context menu. It is not necessary to select exactly the products you want to associate with configurable, since, as it has been already mentioned, Store Manager analyzes all the products you have in catalog.

  2. In this window you should select configurable attribute and group criterion. It is very important to correctly configure these fields.

    • Configurable attribute - attribute, on the basis of which variables are created. Value of this attribute will vary, for example, you have 5 simple products, women leather gloves in red, black, white, grey and brown. Correspondingly, color will be configurable attribute.
    • Group criterion - this is attribute that bears the same value across all the entities. In our case ICEcat code is identical for the products, so it will serve as the criterion.


  • Simple products that you are going to arrange in configurable, should belong to the same attribute set.
  • This attribute set should obligatory have configurable attribute and attribute that will be used as criterion assigned.
  • Configurable attribute values are automatically generated and after you have grouped the simple entities and derived configurable products, you can find the values in Options tab of attribute edit window.
  • You can generate configurable product on the basis of one configurable attribute, as for example, sample configurable product was created by "color" attribute and its selections differ by color only.
  • If you want to generate multiple configurables, make sure group criterion differs for simple products. For example, there are 30 simple products and you need to generate 3 configurable products out of them. You use ean as group criterion and ean is identical for all these items, one configurable will be generated. In such a way, ean should differ for each tens.

Configurable attribute, you use for configurable product generation, gets values identical to simple product names.

Correspondingly, titles of products, configurable was generated from, will be listed as selections in drop-down at product page.

Store Manager lets you quickly rearrange the catalog, group simple products and create configurables automatically. Read related article to uncover how to upload huge amount of complex items to your website - www.mag-manager.com/what-is-magento-configurable-product-and-how-to-import-magento-configurable-products

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