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How to Import Custom Options of Select Type

Magento users have wide scope of advantageous features implementing which they can maintain business performance on sublime level. Among the variety of product management capabilities prominent position take Magento custom options since represent simple way to add product options and let clientele specificate what exactly merchandise they need or select suitable variation.

Theoretically custom options are of two types, namely select and non-select ones. If some of Magento merchandise have variables, you should resort to options of select type and provide choices for customers in such a way (dropdown, checkbox, radio button). Options that belong to the second group allow shoppers to customize the purchase, add requirements or additional features to the product to be bought.

Anyway, custom options should be assigned to merchandise somehow. Below in this article we are going to outline the process of custom options of select type import, in other words, we are going to describe the process of mass custom options to products assigning.

Store Manager lets its users efficiently accomplish Magento add custom options procedure via corresponding import wizard you can find in the list of wizards under Store -> Import/Export or in Custom Options tab of product lower grid.

Before you commence on the data upload, consider the following:

  • custom options are being assigned to already existing at shopping cart wares. Whenever there is the necessity to append new products with custom options, firstly should be created products themselves and afterwards custom options will be attached
  • if the file is not structured properly and custom options details are not organized in accordance with instructions import will not be fulfilled successfully

Custom Option Import File

Sample of the import file demonstrates how custom options of select type (dropdown, radio button, checkbox, multiple select) are arranged in the file and what details are usually included.

This file lists custom options for one product only. What do we have in the file

  1. Product SKU - we use it as product identifier, in other words we indicate to what product the options will be linked (product ID can be used as well)
  2. Option type - logically, it must be specified what is the type of custom option to be created (dropdown, radio buttons, checkbox or multiselect)
  3. Type names should be identical to ones, used in database, elsewhere they won’t be identified and created in the course of data import. Names of options should be the following - drop_down, radio, checkbox, multiple
  4. Magento custom option name - option title must be designated
  5. Custom option identifier - when you accomplish Magento add custom option action, you have to specify custom option SKU in the file
  6. Custom option value title - custom options of select type represent choices for customers at the front-end and, respectively, option possesses some values (color: yellow, green, purple). Input value title in corresponding column of the file
  7. View name - this is obligatory and you need to provide it in the file

It is also possible to designate other details, for example custom option order, sort order of values within option, value price and so on.

Import Settings

Custom options are appended via corresponding custom options import wizard. Pay attention to:

  • Database field - .csv file column association and identifiers

    File columns should be linked to appropriate database fields. Depending on identifiers, you have in the file, choose identification methods in this window

  • Import Options

    Look into data import methods. Store Manager lets you accomplish pre-import tasks. It is possible to remove custom options for imported products if they exist or delist custom options if they coincide with those, provided in the file on purpose to avoid duplicates. Select also appropriate import method

Import outcomes will be displayed in special window after custom options operation is accomplished.

Store Manager for Magento proves to be advanced tool for product catalog handling. You can swiftly upload custom options of select and non-select type and and associate them to required merhcandise.

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Maurice Bnnm • 09/05/2017

I can't update custom option price by website store, what is the solution. I tried by import csv, I want edit only the price. I have 6000 simple product. Thank you

Magento Store ManagerMod izzet • 09/05/2017

Thank you for the comment.
Could you please specify what identifier you use in Store Manager in the import wizard for both - products and custom options?

izzet eMagicOne • 09/21/2017

I solved thank you 🙂