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How to import Magento cross-sells, up-sells and related products?

Running online business you have a tendency to push your products in the market on purpose to increase sales as much as possible. Magento provides built-in products related promotion features to boost up sales when a customer is buying any product from your website, namely Magento cross-sell products, up-sell products and related products.

These products are additional items, that act as complementary goods and go with the product, a person is buying at your web shop. What are up-sells, cross-sells and related products characterized by?

Magento Up-sell Products

Up-sells are products that can be purchased instead of the item viewed. These items might be of better quality or be in popular demand. When adding up-sells to certain product, web shop proprietor expects customers to spend more money - buy more expensive, more profitable for online entrepreneur wares. Up-sell products are displayed on viewed product info page.

Magento Cross-sells

Through cross-sell products you offer customers a product or service related to an item they purchase. Cross-sells are impulse products that appear in the shopping cart in special block. For example, selling iPods you may offer headphones as cross-sell products.

Magento Related Products

Supplementary items that can be purchased in addition to the product considered are called related products. These goods are represented on target product info page. For example, selling mobile phones, you may provide mobile covers, screen guard or memory cards as related products.

Related products frontend
Magento Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Products

Assign Magento Up-Sells, Cross-Sells and Related Products In the Process of Import

Thus, you should have main product and certain up-sells, cross-sells or related products that should be associated with the main product. First and foremost thing here is to add associated products, preserving relations between main product and item (items) referred to it. If you stand in need of adding multiple items as cross-sells, up-sells or related products you can use Store Manager application and perform Magento import from the file, linking these items to the main products in such a way. It makes products with relations management time-saving and prompt procedure.

To upload associated products to Magento you need first of all accurately organize .csv file you will append data from. What are main things you should check in the file before uploading it to database?

  • there should be the column, that includes product identifier (SKUs or IDs) of main products and associated to them Magento cross-sells, up-sells or related products SKUs;
  • in associated product (be it cross-sell, up-sell, related products or all of them) field (in the row main product SKU is listed) you need to specify associated products SKUs with the aim to link these very items to the product you need;
  • you may also indicate associated products position in corresponding column of .csv file in the row their SKUs are enumerated.

Import related products, cross-sells and up-sells Import file sample
Magento Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Products

To quickly attain file sample you may manually add, for example, cross-sells to some product and export it to the file via Store Manager export wizard. When exporting do not forget to check cross-sell, up-sell or related products box (depending on type of associated product on Select Fields to Export step of the export process) to keep product relations and link associated products by SKU.

In case associated products do not exist at database and you need to add them as new via import, additional product data should be indicated in the file, like product name, description, price.

Having arranged the file for Magento import of associated products, commence on data appending via the product import wizard and move through each step of data transfer heedfully.

Pay attention to Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields window of the wizard. Here you must correctly link file columns to corresponding database fields, otherwise information won’t be uploaded successfully and you won’t get desired outcomes. Check also whether appropriate products and relations identification method is defined - they should be identified by product SKU.

Assign .csv columns to database fields
Magento Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Products

There are multiple fields to be configured at Import Options step - Magento import method, custom SQL to run after import, action for products that are not listed in .csv file, but those, you have at online store. Here you can also find Clear Relations box. It provides the list of product relations you may clear.

In case products you are importing already have cross-sells, up-sells or related products assigned, but you want to assign new ones, you need to clear relations checking necessary boxes.

Check import options
Magento Cross-sells, Up-sells and Related Products

After the import procedure has been completed, check whether associated items have been added to indicated products - find them in your catalog and check whether associated items are available in corresponding tabs of the application lower grid.

Store Manager makes associated product management more approachable and efficient, since you can instantly associate cross-sells, up-sells and related items to desired products. In such a way you provide customers the opportunity to obtain additional items offered and capture a large share of clientele market by meeting more of the needs and wants of each customer.

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