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How to Import Magento Custom Options of Non-Select Type

Custom options of non-select type similarly to selectable ones help owners develop customizable and customer-oriented product catalog. Custom options that belong to this class can be used by shoppers to specificate what features should be inherent to this or that product. In other words, customers can adjust the purchase according to their requirements and get desired product.

Whenever you need to designate text, file, date or similar custom options for merchandise you sell on the Internet, you can resort to traditional method and create them manually. Copying functionality, you have at disposal, may also be quite useful, since allows to replicate custom options. Although, if there arises the necessity to allocate non-select custom options to multiple products, import of Magento custom options from the file will be the most reasonable and fastest way to manage these entities.

Store Manager caters for every webshop proprietor and supports all above mentioned approaches of custom options creation, including import of options from the file. Performed via several-step import wizard, the import procedure results is quick and flawless option adding.

Points to Consider Before Commencing on Custom Option Import

  • custom option import wizard allows to assign custom options to already existing products
  • on condition that you want to create new products with options, you should firstly import them with product import wizard and afterwards upload custom options via respective wizard utility
  • to successfully upload ustom options you should include required fields into file
    1. Main product identifier - the file should include product identifier (SKU, ID, product name)
    2. Custom option identifier (custom option ID or SKU)
    3. Custom option name - title of necessary custom option(s) should be provided
    4. Option type - this column of Magento import file should be filled with option type.
      option type names are predefined and should correspond to those, indicated in database, otherwise they won’t be recognized and, respectively, won’t be created. Option types should be the following - file, date, time, date_time, file, area
    5. View name - input view name in this column of .csv file you are going to import
    6. Value title - if you are uploading options of non-select type, leave the cells blank.

Optionally you may add custom option price and price type (either percentage or fixed value) and make the option required if needed. If custom option is required, shoppers will not be able to add the product to cart until this option is selected. When you add option, for example, that bears file type, you can also specify what file extensions are allowed, minimum and maximum image size.

Import Settings to Be Designated

Once you are ready with the import file, start up the wizard from Store -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Custom Options or from custom option section of the lower grid. It leads you through each step and prompts what should be implemented. After you select file, information will be imported from, there will appear data preview window, where you can check what separators are used in the file and provide the same values in the next window.

Import of Magento custom options heavily depends on file columns assigning to shopping cart database fields. You should correctly indicate what fields at database this or that detail should be transferred to. Product and custom option identifiers should be properly designated. Look through the file to check what field can be used as identifier.

Check whether you correctly linked fields on preview step, turn to import options window and specify import method and preimport task if there is such a necessity.

Start data upload clicking on Import button below. Import processing will be displayed in special window.

Store Manager for Magento lets you instantly create variety of non-select custom options simply uploading them from .csv file.

Need import custom options? Default Magento cannot do it, but Store Manager CAN! Download FREE!

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