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How to Perform Magento Superattribute Price Import

In order to set Magento configurable product pricing and make it change when specific options are selected at the storefront, you are supposed to accomplish a bunch of manipulations with superattributes. This is really a time-consuming process when your shop is abundant in configurable merchandise. Leave it in the past and resort to more comprehensive method of price management, outlined below.

Starting from version Store Manager application supports Magento superattribute price import. What could it bring to an average Magento user? As you have already guessed, price for product selections can be updated en masse, you do not need to open product after product and accomplish superattribute configurations for each. This tutorial covers main points and requirements you should dwell on to get superattribute price imported successfully.

Magento Superattribute Price Import File: How Should It Look Like?

The first thing to be considered is the file, data are stored in. Superattribute price upload requires definite file pattern. Look through the fields, we have included in sample file and how details are arranged within them.

***Note, this file is used for superattribute price update, what means, products already exist in database.

Download sample of .csv file for superattribute price import for existing at Magento configurable products Get File!

Please, take into account the file contains fields, necessary for product update. If you need to create new configurable products, file must contain fields, required by Magento, for products to be created.

  • Product identifier - uploading products via import wizard, you should select the identification method, so that products will be added or updates accurately. Provide identifier for main product and simple ones in corresponding file column, in the same way as we have configured SKUs in the test file

  • Attribute set - indicate attribute set name for simple and main products. As you know, both should belong to the same attribute set

  • Product type - differentiate simple items and main product, provide product type for each in separate column

  • Configurable attributes - include attribute values in separate columns for each simple product you have, creating variations in this way. For instance, the variations we have, are based on ‘Cardigan color’ and ‘Cardigan size’ attributes. These are superattributes and options inherent to them create selections at the frontend. In the file we provide appropriate cardigan color and size for each simple item (See SKUcardigan-beige-40 - ‘Cardigan Color’ is beige; ‘Cardigan size’ is 40) - each simple product is a separate row

  • Configurable product associations - when accomplishing Magento superattribute price import you should keep associations and in the file indicate simple products, that should be linked/are linked to configurable. We use SKUs for identification and enumerate them in Configurable Products column in the same row, main product is recorded.

  • Configurable product attribute code - you should indicate what attributes are used for configurable product creation. Specify attribute codes in Configurable Products (attribute) field. Our variations are based on cardigan size and cardigan color and we specify these very attribute codes in one column in the row, configurable product is indicated. Their codes are respectively cardigan_size and cardigan_color are attribute code

  • Configurable product attribute names - there also should be the column, listing superattribute names. Take into account, attribute names and codes differ and you should properly configure them

  • Configurable products (attribute options values) - in this column you should indicate superattribute price in the way, it is done in sample file. Please, keep to the format to get pricing imported. Here it is:

  • attribute code;attribute value;price type;superattribute price; website ID;store ID

    e.g. cardigan_size;40;0;50.00;0;0

NOTE: Prices of Magento superattributes are being imported to default store view, since price attribute Scope is Global

What if you need to set price mark-ups for several attribute values? Use the same pattern for each of options, using multiple value delimiter to separate them

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Running Data Import

This is our test product in Store Manager before import.

Perform product appending via import wizard using step-by-step instructions sketched in this article - Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely paying attention to settings related to configurable product import