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How to Make Mass Product Changes

Mostly webstore owners devote much efforts to ordinary workaday routines connected to product catalog management. Magento inventory update, category associations handling, price adjustments, other manipulations over product associated details can be really time-consuming, especially when catalog homes multitude of items. Although these procedures are vital for maintaining state-of-the-art product listings.

“Fresh” product catalog within short span of time or hours spent on monotonous alterations? If you prefer the first variant, Store Manager for Magento will come to assistance. It drastically cuts down the time merchants have to spend on catalog arrangements, lets automate them and ensures Magento product update accuracy.

Let’s have a quick glimpse at functional capabilities the application encompasses and consider how they contribute to opportune catalog update accomplishment.

Product Multi Editor: Update Product Details In Bulk

The very title “Multi Editor” indicates that multiple product listings can be processed at once. The logic is the following - you select Magento merchandise to be updated, launch Product Multi Editor, alter required fields and apply modifications. Multi Editor groups product related info and provides them in several tabs correspondingly (general, price, meta information, product images, etc). If, for instance, description for several products awaits updating, you must select these entities, input desired description, check Update box and save alterations. Simple mechanism makes product updating approachable and swift-floating.


It can’t but be mentioned that Product Multi Editor allows to update desired product details implementing expressions - special SQL commands. It is very helpful when, let’s say, price for selected products should be increased or decreased by percentage value.

When you process products with Product Multi Editor, make sure they belong to the same attribute set. Contrariwise, you won’t succeed with updates, in other words main product (that is focused) will be renewed only.

Inventory Multi Editor: Keep Product Inventory Under Control

Magento inventory update is what helps avoid product shortages, stockouts and unsatisfied customers respectively. Inventory Multi Editor works similarly to product data Multi Editor. Numerous selected products will acquire values you provide in corresponding fields of Multi Editor. Update quantity, stock availability, minimum or maximum quantity allowed in shopping cart, etc for abundance of products and regulate inventory levels efficiently.

Update Category Assignments

One more point to consider is category association. Oftentimes there comes the necessity to rearrange category associations, place one and the same product to more than one category or displace necessary merchandise from one category to another. Whatever manipulation is required, Store Manager masters it. Special functionality caters for quick updating of category associations and, as a result, definite products will get to desired categories.


Data Appending From The File + Automation

Data appending from the file or import is considered to be the fastest method of Magento product update accomplishment. Having necessary products and related details in the file you, you can upload it via corresponding import wizard and instantaneously renew specified products. How to import products is covered in the article mag-manager.com/useful-articles/magento-product-management/magento-import-products/

If you need to run independent data uploads and get your products renewed at predefined time, learn how to make data import automated

- www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/how-to/how-to-perform-automated-product-import/

Maintain accurate content and maximize product management productivity with Store Manager for Magento.

Change your product details in bulk with FREE Store Manager for Magento! Get it Now!

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John • 07/23/2015

This one is really handy functionality. Takes only few clicks, and multiple Magento products are updated. Very easy to understand and perform.