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How to Move Data from Etsy to Magento

Importing products from Etsy to Magento is a way-out if you have goods at both places individually and want to copy listings from a marketplace to your shop, without the need to do it manually.

If you already have products at this unique sales channel, you can export your listings from Etsy. Magento has a built-in import method, but it has a list of mandatory columns for import and what is more, their names should be identical to database names, otherwise you will get the error.

Export from Etsy

After logging in to your Etsy account, go to: Your Shop -> Settings -> Options -> Download data tab.

Magento Etsy
Magento Etsy

Press the ‘Download CSV’ button to get your listing exported into a spreadsheet.

Import to Magento

You can edit your file received from Etsy shop to make it fit shopping cart requirements and get ready for import via Admin. Check default file format and requirements for columns at:


Get ready to spend a few minutes/hours or even days on additional modifications (depending on your skills and patience 🙂

Once the file is ready, upload it from your back-end.

Magento Etsy
Magento Etsy

Alternatively, you can use a more flexible product upload tool to import from Etsy into Magento shop. Using Store Manager for Magento application, you are able to overcome the difficulties connected to file adjusting.

To import Etsy file to Magento with Store Manager you have to do the following:

  1. Download zip with settings. - https://emagicone.com/file_examples/Magento/etsy_import.zip
  2. Unzip it and you will see there CSV file example as well as file with settings.

  3. Having Store Manager for Magento installed at your PC, run Import/Export Wizard - (or download free version and proceed with no fees)

  4. Magento Etsy
    Magento Etsy

    If you do not have it installed:

    Download Store Manager and import from Etsy to Magento FREE!Download Now!

  5. Load settings from the .cfg file you have downloaded at the first step and load your exported file from Etsy marketplace.

  6. Magento Etsy
    Magento Etsy

  7. Click ‘Next’ a few times till you see the ‘Finish’ page reporting that products were imported. You do not need to make any changes, all settings are pre-set and saved into the configuration file.

  8. Magento Etsy
    Magento Etsy

  9. Check the results at your site.

  10. Your products were imported to category ‘Etsy’ at your site. You can find your goods there and if you need to massively re-categorize using the ‘Assign Categories’ option.

Magento Etsy
Magento Etsy

Important: In case you have in your file goods with variations, to Magento they can be imported as custom option or as configurable products. Please, contact us with your file and we will adjust the import setting for you.

Import via Store Manager offers you the following benefits:

Columns Mapping

Using the built-in Import Wizard of Store Manager allows you to link csv columns to database fields. So your ‘Title’ CSV column from Etsy can be assigned to ‘Name’ database field right during import without the need to return and edit your spreadsheet.

Price and Other On-The-Fly Data Adjustments

You can maintain separate prices on every sales channel or change them right during import using the application, setting up margins (mark-ups) on-the-fly. This concerns not only prices, but other data that you want to be modified. Contact us and we will advise you on your particular case.

No Manual Work

Best part of it is that we have made the needed settings for you. So you just need a few simple clicks to load the pre-saved configuration and upload the file you received from Etsy.

Save hours of work! Use Store Manager for Magento with pre-saved settings to import file from Etsy! Download FREE!

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