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How to Perform Magento 2 Automated Product Import

Magento e-Commerce demands fast and successful product import fulfillment. It can’t be denied or called in question, as it’s the base for constantly updated and customer-oriented store content.

Magento 2 Automated Import of products is infallible and irreplaceable tool for each and every store owner who need to synchronize data on schedule. You will accomplish data import faster than you’ve done it ever before.

Automated Product Import is built-in feature of Store Manager starting from version Up to this version it is included as an addon in demo mode and requires additional charges to be fully unlocked.

Configuring Magento 2 Scheduled Product Import

After launching Magento 2 Automated Import you should perform each and every step of configuration setup heedfully to get data uploaded successfully. Here you will find short overview of settings you need to proceed with to perform efficient data upload.

  1. To launch Automated Product Import go to Store Manager 'Addons' Tab and find it in the addon list. Once you hit its button Automated Product Import window will appear.

  2. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

  3. In the left corner of this window you can see 'Create or Modify Import Configuration' option. Before you start upload process you have to set up Magento 2 automated import configuration or select the one you have already set. Thus, having pressed this button you will get the window where you need to indicate source type and name of the file which will undergo the import procedure.

  4. As you see, you can perform entities upload if you have URL to .csv file, FTP link and access details to .csv file of your supplier or path to the local .csv file placed on your PC. Depending on what option you choose, you need to specify certain settings.

    Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

    If you need the software to constantly fetch the latest file from the directory you can use asterisks symbol in the path to spreadsheet. For example:

    D:\Magento files\*.csv - in this case the software will pick the latest file from folder Magento files

    http://yoursuppliersite.com/magento*.csv - in this case you have files magento02-04-2015.csv, magento02-05-2015.csv, than the software will fetch latest by date file.

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  5. Preview step comes next. Here you should specify your .csv file delimiters. These values are used to separate columns and strings of .csv file, used for Magento 2 cron import. In the .csv File Preview window given below you can check whether the values you have indicated are correct and data are organized properly in the file. It is very convenient and helps to avoid mistakes occurrence.

  6. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

  7. Next step of Magento 2 automated import configuring foresees field delimiter and quote character specifying. Here you have to choose the values to separate data in the file - categories in category tree, images in image gallery, etc. If you need to import images to your shopping cart, tick the corresponding box below and choose other option required.

  8. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

  9. On this step you have to assign columns of .csv file to appropriate database fields and indicate product identification and product relation identification method.

  10. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

  11. Having pressed 'Next' button, you will get the Preview Import window. Here you can one more time make sure that the data are organized correctly and are ready to be imported properly.

  12. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

  13. Next step foresees import options indicating. Select the import method required. Using the corresponding option you can do reindex right in the process of data import. Though it slows the speed of the import process, but you can be sure that products will be displayed properly at your frontend without having to do re-index from your admin after the process.

  14. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

    Save the configuration for Magento cron import on this step to use it when creating scheduled task further.
  15. Now create the schedule task for Magento import. In 'Add Scheduler Task' window indicate the start time and frequency for automated data upload. Thus, from now onwards import will be performed automatically according to the schedule.

  16. Magento Automated Product Import
    Magento Automated Product Import

On condition that you have to run products import in this very moment, press the button 'Run Import' placed on the Automated Product Import window toolbar.

Magento Automated Product Import
Magento Automated Product Import

Once the process is finished you can check the results in After Import section. Here new products are marked with light-green colour, modified products - with blue, deleted - with red.

Automated Product Import option of Store Manager is approachable and simple in usage. With this tool product upload turns to on-fly procedure. It gives you an opportunity to import product from internal as well as from external sources and synchronize products with your distributor automatically on a schedule. Rely upon smooth product uploading and updating with Automated Product Import Addon.

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