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How to Update Price for Particular Magento Manufacturer

Price fluctuation is typical phenomenon in Magento commerce and abundance of reasons may stay behind it. Respectively, more and more users call for suggestions when need to accomplish updates, basing on different factors. We have analyzed the requests made and decided to dwell upon the case when price alterations depend on the manufacturer, ascribed to these or those merchandise.

Why can it be a challenge? Oftentimes merchants find it complicated, since their shops are populated with plethora of wares, produced by different manufactures and such a modification may take a great deal of time. To get out of monotonous data manipulations, quickly reach desired listings and update Magento price, you just need to arm yourself with Store Manager for Magento and to look over instructions outlined below.

Find Out Necessary Merchandise

Store Manager is characterized by comprehensive filtering and search capabilities. Moreover, it provides the possibility to create custom filters, what exactly we are going to do.

  1. Launch Search window pressing corresponding icon on the toolbar or in the context menu.

  2. Insert text to search for and attributes to search in. Since we need to filter the listings by manufacturer, we input necessary one in text to search field (“canon” in our case) and choose “manufacturer” as attribute to search in from the list of offered attributes.

  3. Consider Number of rows to display field and make sure it is above the number of search results expected. Contrariwise, not all the products will be shown under the filter you will create.

  4. Press Find button to get search results. Magento products, matching search conditions, will be displayed in Results window below.

  5. Add the filter hitting of-the-same-name button below in this window

Now this filter is accessible in Filter drop-down on the product toolbar.

Modify Price Using Multi Editor

Bulk product alterations are being performed via Multi Editor. It allows to swimmingly update any product related field, including price. Furthermore, you can complicate updates using expressions and now we will use some to demonstrate how it is being done.

Firstly we apply the filter, to get “canon” manufacturer products displayed in the grid.

We select all these listings, open Product Multi Editor and switch to Prices tab. Since we need to renew price for selected products, to be more precise, we need to increase it by 10%, we use this formula in Expression field [ATTRIBUTE(price)]*1.1 for price attribute.

Do not miss Update box next to Price field. If you do not check it, no updates will be applied.

Please note, at a time Multi Editor updates products, that belong to one attribute set. If there are merchandise that differ by attribute set, you are supposed to update them separately - products from one attribute set at a time.

To make this cooler, we are going to set rounding option for the price. For example, we need to increase product price by 10% and round it to nearest 0.99. This expression will help out and product cost will instantly get updated - ROUND(([ATTRIBUTE(price)]*1.1)+ 0.99, 2)

You may fall back upon Multi Editor when constructing expressions, find all the macros and functions, look through examples and check created command before applying changes. How to manage other fields using expressions in Multi Editor and sample expressions are provided in the article -


Whenever some of manufacturers inform you about price changes or your pricing strategy forces you to modify product cost for specific producer, it will not represent any difficulty. Store Manager for Magento has been designed to help merchants optimize webshop management. There might occur various situations and this Magento application is ready to accept the challenge.

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