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Advanced Tools for Magento Database Management

As your store expands, you are likely to get more complicated requirements, fulfilling which demands technical approach. Store Manager for Magento incorporates enhanced tools for more flexible and accurate store database maintaining, that allows you to implement custom modifications via direct Magento SQL queries, work with database tables from the application or quickly generate backup of your store database.

In this article you can find short overview of Store Manager tools:

  • Magento database backup (and restore) wizard

  • Direct Magento SQL queries

  • Raw Magento Database Editor

Backing Up Magento Database

A backup strategy is an essential part of Magento business recovery plan. Within the time frame your online store is up and running, something may go wrong and as a result, you can lose some important data or get it corrupted. That’s why It is recommended to backup store database before implementing any changes. How to make Magento database backup from Store Manager?

Backup wizard, available under Tools menu, allows you to create copy of store database with the aim to reconstitute it on condition that original data is lost. Backup is fulfilled in several clicks:

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  1. Start Magento database backup/restore wizard.
  2. Choose necessary option "Backup current store database" or "Backup multiple stores"
  3. Specify what file, sql data will be saved to in the process of Magento database backup performance
  4. Choose database tables you want to backup
  5. Adjust options at the following step and complete the procedure

Extended tutorial with screenshot is accessible by this link - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/tools/magento-database-backup-and-restore/

To schedule backups and get it accomplished at a regular basis, set up automated tasks in the way outlined by this link - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/tools/automated-magento-backups-running-on-schedule/

Raw Table Editor

Raw Magento database table editor provides you direct access to Magento tables and their contents. Having technical skills, you can implement modifications right from this section.

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On this page you can see 2 panes: a List of all tables available at your store on the left, and contents of the Tables selected from this list on the right. Once you've selected a table, it will be shown on the right within 3 tabs.

"Data" tab displays all data stored in table cells, showing the actual table. DDL tab displays table's data structure in Data Definition Language (any formal language for describing data or information structures of your Database). A subset of SQL instructions is common. "Fields" tab shows a table, structured by fields. If you select more than one table, content of each will be shown in a separate tab.

The toolset above on the menu allow you to manage database table content, clone rows, export contents to HTML or XML, etc.

Magento SQL Queries

Store Manager facilitates another comprehensive utility for custom adjustments implementation. Custom Magento SQL queries help quickly configure specific data requirements applying special SQL statements.

When creating a new query (New SQL icon), you first need to specify its name. Next configure commands, that should return necessary data management operation. SQL command should then be associated with products, categories or import.

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You can execute Magento SQL query by pressing the Execute SQL button. The Results tab will appear, showing the returned data, arranged according to a certain condition.

More details about custom SQL setup, example of their usage and screenshots are available in the article - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/tools/what-is-custom-sql-how-to-use-magento-custom-sqls-for-data-management/

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