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Magento attribute management

An attribute in Magento is defined as any property or peculiar characteristic of a product. Attributes are not just what product might or might not have, they are building blocks of your entities.

This includes product sku, product name, description, images… everything, each field you complete while adding the product to your Magento store (and not only)!

Magento comes preconfigured with many attributes, that are called system ones and cannot be deleted or modified. You can also add and configure new attributes according to your needs. This way, can add new product properties and customize products without having to write a single line of code.

Attributes for better convenience are gathered in groups, which in their turn constitute Magento attribute sets.

This powerful concept provides almost limitless ability to control the products.

Let’s see how Store Manager for Magento may assist you in managing attributes. Here is what you can benefit from:

Operations over Attributes

Attributes can be added, modified, deleted, link to particular Magento attribute group, assigned/unassigned from/to attribute set. Moreover, they can be sorted for better navigation.

Attribute Groups Management Options

With the buttons available in the grid you will be able to append new and edit existing attribute group or remove it if necessary. Groups can be sorted and neatly placed according to store owner’s needs. There you can also set filter to make displayed particular attributes belonging to chosen Magento attribute set.

Attribute Sets Handling Possibilities

You will be able to create new attribute set on the basis of already existing one and further adjust newly-added set according, enriching it with new attributes by desire.

Massive Modifications/ Upload

Due to the fact that attribute sets along with assigned to them attributes can be exported and imported, Store Manager can be really helpful for those users who need this functionality to implement modifications to existing attributes or massively add new ones.

Everything in One Place

Finally, a really great thing about Store Manager is that all the attribute-related data are placed in one and the same place. There is no need to switch between the pages or reload browser page. You see all available information smartly located in appropriate tabs of one section.

Experience all the functionality of Attributes section Store Manager for Magento offers!

Do you need some additional information on attribute management? Drop us a line and we will create tutorial on suggested topic. Do not hesitate, it’s free!

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