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Magento – Attribute Sets

Magento store content management is impossible without neat attributes and attribute sets arranging. At times online merchants can encounter inconveniences and inaccuracies, while creating attributes and assigning them to proper attribute sets. Store Manager for Magento streamlines this process and makes it less of messy for each and every user of this eCommerce platform.

First of all, let's give definition to “attribute set” notion.

Attribute sets are being created to collect Magento attributes into certain groups that will be used to describe different kinds of Magento products. Such a mechanism is very convenient, since you might have abundance of items at the store with completely different characteristics. Thus, you create attributes, gather them in various sets, depending on product type and apply appropriate attribute set to an entity, while creating it. For example, selling computers you might need completely different attributes, than, for example, selling clothes or shoes.

How to Organize Attributes and Attribute Sets via Admin?

Attributes and attribute sets are listed in corresponding tabs in Catalog->Attributes submenu of Magento Admin panel.

magento admin attribute management

Firstly you are supposed to configure necessary attributes, afterwards you have to switch to Attributes->Manage Attributes, create required attribute set and add just created attributes to it.

create attribute set in magento admin

In case attribute set already exists, you need simply to move Magento attributes to it.

add attribute to magento attirbute set

Let's see how to maximize the efficiency of attribute management and cut time spent on attribute set arrangement.

How to Quickly Organize Attribute Sets with Store Manager

Store Manager organizes attributes, attribute sets and groups within one section and you do not need to open extra windows and experience continuous page loads.To derive the list of product attributes, sets and groups, switch to “Attributes” tab of the application. You will see the window, divided into three parts - unassigned attributes to the right of the window, attribute sets - to the left and list of attribute groups between them.

magento attribute management via store manager

Unassigned attributes that do not belong to any of attribute sets are listed in the left pane. Groups include certain range of attributes depending on definite parameters. You can shift attributes from one group to the other by simple drag-and-drop. One and the same attribute can be assigned to different attribute sets.

unassigned magento attributes

Magento attribute sets, disposed in the left window pane, are being efficiently managed with the help of operations, accessible on the toolbar or in the context menu. What exactly actions can be carried out?

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  • Refresh attribute sets list - refresh the list to derive the latest records
  • Add the attribute set - use this functionality to replenish store database with new attribute set. Once you press this button, you will derive the dialog box with the fields undermentioned:
    1. Name - input the title for Magento attribute set you are adding
    2. Sort Order - position current attribute set will take in the list
    3. Based on - choose needed attribute set from dropdown, which will be used as a template. In such a way, Magento attributes that are already defined in this attribute set will be used to develop target one. Default attribute set includes all system attributes, inalienable when creating any of Magento products.

    4. magento add attribute set

      Press Ok button to complete the procedure and get new attribute set in the list.

    In case you need to assign some attributes from the right pane to newly-created attribute set, use drag and drop to undertake it.

  • Edit selected attribute set - this option allows to modify certain attribute set - change its name or sort order.

  • edit attribute set

  • Delete chosen attribute set from the database - this options allows you to delist target attribute set. Confirm deleting in the dialog box appeared. Having deleted sets of product attributes you won’t be able to retrieve data, unless database backup had been accomplished.
  • Edit selected attribute set - this option allows to modify certain attribute set - change its name or sort order.

  • delete attribute set

  • Import/Export Magento attribute sets - append new attribute sets to store database or export them to the file via convenient import/export wizard tool.

  • import export magento attribute sets wizard

  • Adjust columns width or enable column auto width, using corresponding options on the toolbar or context menu.

Thus, Magento attribute sets can be defined as collection of Magento attributes customized to suit certain kind of Magento products and distinguish one product from another. Store Manager functional capabilities enhance and lighten attributes and attribute sets administrating, helping develop flexible content management scheme in such a way.

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