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Magento – Import Product Attribute Sets

Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce provide you a unique possibility to set different properties on products within a catalog via attributes. Generally each and every product characteristic in Magento is attribute. Attributes in their turn are gathered into Magento attribute sets which are obligatory for product creation.

Ideally Magento users have diverse catalog with abundance of items. Correspondingly they acquire large number of attribute sets appropriate for different product groups. Developing several stores or taking off new businesses, store owners start searching the tool to transfer entire attribute sets to new location. To tell long story short, they need to import Magento attribute sets and further use them to create products.

Beside the fact that Magento is a feature rich eCommerce platform, it is lacking features that make attribute management more approachable. It does not provide the tool for bulk attribute set upload. Default import lets you upload products and customers from .csv only. Attribute sets insert is flawlessly implemented with Store Manager for Magento.

Mass upload of Magento attribute sets is fulfilled through corresponding import wizard. In order to get properly structured file, necessary to create attribute sets with Store Manager, you can create and export test attribute sets through the application.

Use this sample file to import attribute sets Get File!

Import wizard represents pre-import configurations arranged within several pages. Just keep to instructions outlined below to get sets created at Magento:

  1. Open import wizard via Import/Export->Import/Export Attribute Sets or from attribute toolbar.

  2. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

  3. Select "Import" in the first page to continue with settings.

  4. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

  5. Use "Browse" file to access local folder with the import file and select this file at the following page.

  6. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

  7. Continue with attribute set import file preview. This page shows the abstract from the file you have chosen. Look through it and proceed with settings.

  8. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

  9. Set import file delimiters to get parsed correctly in the course of Magento attribute set import.

  10. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

  11. Succeeding step of the import wizard is file preview. You can check whether delimiters have been set accurately and look through attributes you upload.

  12. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

  13. Consider import options before executing attribute insert. If you are transferring attributes from Magento 1 into Magento 2 store, enable "Map "backend_model" of Magent attributes (only for Magento 2.x)" and "Normalize Additional Data for Magento 2.2.x" options.

  14. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

    These options do the following:

    • Update existing attributes - if you have attributes in the attribute sets, their details in the import file differ and you want to update them, enable this option.
    • Add options, if attribute exists (for multidselect and dropdown attributes) - if you already have some attributes with multiselect or dropdown input type and you want to add new values from the file, enable this option.
  15. The last window of Magento attribute set import wizard depicts the alterations made and new entities brought up.

  16. Import Attribute Set
    Import Attribute Set

    Why to perform import of Magento attributes via Store Manager application? The reason is very simple, as Magento itself does not presupposes such a possibility. Go beyond the limits! Perform import of attributes and attribute sets with Store Manager

    Import attribute sets with FREE Store Manager for Magento Import Now

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    Do i need to do an backup of Database?

    Magento Store ManagerMod Kelly • 10/29/2019

    Hello, Kelly!
    Thank you for your comment.
    If you mean making database backup before importing attribute sets, then yes, it is strongly recommended to avoid any inconveniences that might occur ( as import is a delicate and specific process).