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What Are Magento Super Attributes? How to Add Super Attributes?

There are several types of products in Magento so that you have to choose the correct one before setting the catalog. Magento configurable products are items that include multiple associated products and represent options for customers at the front-end, what is highly flexible and very often is the reason online merchants turn to this shopping cart.

Magento configurable attributes (or super attributes) are the main condition of creating configurable products. Every option or product variant, configurable merchandise comprises, depends on super attribute you have created formerly. For instance, shoes variations are, as a rule, created on the basis of 'Colour' and 'Size' attributes. Customers will be able to customize the purchase, opting for suitable selections from the drop-down at the front-end.

What Magento Attribute Is Configurable?

If you are creating attribute that will further be used for configurable product creation, you must configure the fields in this way:

  • Scope = Global
  • Catalog Input type = Dropdown
  • Apply to = Simple/Configurable Product or All Product Type
  • Use to Create Configurable Attribure = Yes

Magento super attributes
Magento super attributes

In order to create configurable product selections further, you should add values to Magento super attribute (in 'Manage Labels/Options' tab)

Magento super attributes
Magento super attributes

What Is Magento Super Attribute Price?

One of the commonest glitches, store owners come across when handling Magento configurable products, is product pricing. The matter is, very often price of associated products varies. Having set price for each of related products and assigned them to proper configurable product, you reach a dead end, since product price does not change when variation is chosen by customer.

In such a case you won’t spare without Magento super attribute. By means of super attributes you will easily manage price differentiation for product variants, set price mark-ups or mark-downs for necessary associated products and get price displayed correctly when certain options is chosen from the drop-down.

Magento super attribute price can be configured right in the process of associated items generating

Magento super attributes
Magento super attributes

or afterwards when all the variations are created.

Magento super attributes
Magento super attributes

The Way to Accelerate Super Attribute Setup

Store Manager for Magento software comprises functionality, responsible for fast and accurate product super attributes handling. There is separate Super Product Attribute Configuration section, which lists configurable attributes and their values. To open this section you need firstly look through the catalog and focus target configurable product. Then move to the lower grid and click on Associated Products tab. Super attribute section will be displayed in bottom right corner.

Magento super attributes
Magento super attributes

In order to configure super attributes and apply mark-ups or mark-downs for certain items you should adhere to the following: all associated simple products must be created (generated) and linked to corresponding configurable product before super attributes applying.

Open super attribute section and provide price for necessary attributes there, choosing also how it will be calculated (either percentage or fixed value of main configurable product price). If for example, you input 10 and choose percentage price type, price will be increased by 10% when this color is selected from dropdown. Thus, if main price of configurable product is $100 and you put +10% for golden and +15% for pink colour, then correspondingly golden shoes will cost $110 and pink - $115, on condition that you did not put mark-ups for shoes sizes.

Magento super attributes
Magento super attributes

Magento Import Super Attribute Pricing

To bypass manual configurable price set up, you can do it in bulk via import with Store Manager. Starting from version Store Manager for Magento supports import of configurable product prices and allows to massively assign prices to product selections.

Adding super attributes to the products you can be sure - regardless of the options, your customers will choose at your website, price will be calculated and displayed properly.

Import prices of Magento super attributes FREE Import Now

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gwhosubex • 04/12/2017

"If you are creating attribute that will further be used for configurable product creation, you must configure the fields in this way:
Scope = Global
Catalog Input type = Dropdown
Apply to = Simple/Configurable Product or All Product Type
Use to Create Configurable Attribure = Yes"

not exactly the easiest thing.
That process is stupidly and unnecessarily complex in Magento.
There is no way to set it that way other than making db adjustments directly.

Magento Store ManagerMod gwhosubex • 04/12/2017

Thank you for the comment.
In order to set configurable products you need to assign these properties to the attributes. This is default Magento logic and Store Manager works according to this logic. If you want to bypass configuring it implementing some customization, you'd better ask at official Magento forum or at Magento stackexchange forum to get an advice from techs.

Akshay Taru
Akshay Taru • 05/26/2015

So much said but did not find explanation anywhere in the post about How to create Super Attribute.

Magento Store ManagerMod Akshay Taru • 05/26/2015

Check point 3 of this article - how to add super attribute mark-ups. If you mean that you need to create Configurable Attributes, check this article - https://blog.mag-manager.com/2012/11/how-to-create-magento-configurable.html