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Magento Category Management

Magento store profitability and success greatly depends on catalog usability and relevance. Correspondingly, internet vendors are obliged to be focused on its components - Magento categories and products to represent data in well-structured and easy-to-navigate form.

Valuable articles on smart product categories arrangement with Store Manager are given in this section

Store Manager for Magento provides you a multitude of operations you can proceed with to arrange store category tree in a worthwhile manner.

Magento Category Management Possibilities

Full Set of Elementary Operations

Range of basic operations are accessible on categories toolbar or in the context menu. You may instantaneously add new categories and specify details concerning them, alter categories that were added previously or get rid of unnecessary categories removing them from store database.

Category Import

Successful categories arrangement is impossible without the tool for bulk category processing. Magento import of categories wizard minimizes the amount of time, spent on categories upload and makes it possible within short span of time to append multiple categories and subcategories along with associated information.

Export of Magento Categories

Export product categories and details on them to CSV or TXT files via the Export Wizard instrument, Store Manager for Magento wields. In no time required information will be listed in the file and you can proceed with further operations.

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