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Magento – Edit Category

Unparalleled Magento store development is impossible without efficient content management. Magento categories and products, actually, are components of store catalog, what forces online merchants to look for reliable and effective data management tool.

Store Manager for Magento application allows online entrepreneurs to easily proceed with Magento edit category, creating new categories and their removing from store database operations.

To add or edit product categories via Store Manager, you have to open “Edit category data” form, pressing corresponding button on categories toolbar.

magento categories edit window

In the window appeared you can see several tabs, responsible for store views and category related information. Your task here is to choose store view. By default Magento categories are being created for all available stores.

edit magento categories window

To create new product category or carry out edit category procedure, you need to specify the following information in the tabs:

General information

In this tab of “Edit category data” window one has to indicate:

  • Name - enter name for new category or change for already existing one.
  • Position - change or indicate the current category position in category tree.
  • Description - specify description of the category. This very information will be displayed at frontend. You can edit category description in HTML Editor or use WYSIWYG Editor. By means of HTML Editor you can check, whether tags used on the page are correct.
  • Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description - in these fields you should indicate meta information on the category.
  • Thumbnail Image - using browse button you can upload thumbnail image for a category.
  • Is Active - choose the corresponding option from drop-down menu - to display the category at frontend or hide it.
  • URL Key - in this field you can specify URL path, what is search engine friendly.
  • Include in Navigation Menu - choose the corresponding option from drop-down menu.

Display Settings

This section allows web store owners to modify or change the following fields: Display Mode - this field serves for Magento users to specify display mode for certain category. Here are 3 options available - Products Only (products associated to the category will be shown), Static Block Only (selected static block will be displayed, but none of the products), Static Block and Products (static blocks will be displayed with products listed beneath them); CMS Block (allows to choose static block, which will be displayed on category page), Is Anchor, Product Listing Sort By, Default Product Listing Sort By, Layered Navigation Price Step

Custom Design

In this section one can indicate:

  • Page Layout - No layout updates (in this case default settings will be applied), Empty (category page without any objects, except of content, category name and view options, will be displayed), 1 column (on condition that this option is chosen, contents, names of Magento categories, view options, header, footer, search field and navigation bar will be displayed), 2 columns with left bar, 3 columns with right bar and 3 columns variants are possible here
  • Custom Layout Update
  • Apply to Products
  • Custom Design
  • Use parent Category Setting
  • Active from/Active to - indicate time period, certain category will automatically switch to design and back to blank option


In this tab you can upload images to Magento categories. It’s possible to add pictures from local folders or those, stored remotely. You can change image size by means of Image Resize Rules.

Store Manager for Magento application turns categories management to approachable and simple procedure. Add new categories to your web store, fulfil categories editing, remove categories, if needed, in no time via Store Manager software.

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izzet • 09/21/2017

URL Key don't work with RTL.
I have 2 webstore. LTR and RTL. when I edit the category name or other on LTR website, the url key change on RTL webiste. please see attachement, also I can't edit URL key on RTL website. give category-url

Comment screens
Comment screens

Magento Store ManagerMod izzet • 09/21/2018

Magento allows to use Latin characters in URLs. Store Manager works in the same way Admin does, and respectively non-Latin characters are not accepted. Try to update the URL keys using Latin symbols.