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Magento – Export Categories

Properly-organized Magento category list serves not only for better site navigation for shoppers, but also contributes to store owners’ needs, grouping entities on the basis of some criteria.

The possibility to perform bulk operations over categories is called into question when there occurs the necessity to work with multiple stores or huge sets of items. Needless to say, that this is quite a lengthy process in case it is carried out one-by-one. This seems easy enough until you find out that there is no such a possibility in the admin of Magento as is. It is possible to export categories along with product export, but that’s it - you will not get all the category-related details needed.

If you need to get categories IDs, description, image, meta information and other details, there is no need to look for developer or complicated scripts, as Store Manager for Magento will come to rescue. This tool is empowered with a multitude of helpful features that make store handling much more easy.

With Magento Import / Export Wizard of Store Manager you can transfer all category-related information through one export procedure in a breeze. Moreover, you can export only category and subcategories that is currently opened.

Here are a few simple steps you need to follow to make it work:

1. Launch Import / Export Wizard of categories in order to start the process. The buttons are placed at categories toolbar or in section Store-> Products& Categories-> Import/Export drop-down.

Magento Import Export Wizard Launch

2. Specify export file location using 'Browse' button.

file for Magento categories export

3. At this step of Import / Export Wizard you can select to import whole Magento category list or only the current category with subcategories.

Select Magento categories

4. Further, indicate delimiters that will be used by you for file opening. If other delimiters than you indicate at this step will be used, then most likely, your file view will be incorrect and you will have messed data. In case you need to export images for Magento categories, check the corresponding checkbox, but note that to work with images you need to set up FTP connection in Store Manager before the procedure.

Download Magento images

5. Select the fields you would like to export. Offered rows are on the left, the ones you have selected are on the right. Move the fields using navigation buttons placed between the panes.

Select fields to Export Magento categories

6. Finally, the last window of Magento Import / Export Wizard allows you to preview the spreadsheet to be exported and indicate what should be done with it after export. On condition there is the necessity to work with the file right after the procedure will be finished, you can select to open the file or its location.

Select action to do after export

7. Press “Export” and we're done!

Now you can do alterations with category list or send the file to your providers or use it to import to the same or another web store.

Export categories by means of advanced Magento data management tool Export Now

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