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Magento customers management

Since every Magento customer is an important part of commercial experience, opportune and precise customer management is obligatory for successful online business running.

To make this process more effective Store Manager for Magento incorporates full set of operations in “Customers” section.

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Here you can find informative articles on spot-on and flawless Magento customer management:

Customer Management Possibilities of Store Manager for Magento

Having switched to “Customers” section, you will find full scope of operations possible over Magento customers.

Add New Customers Accounts

Store Manager gives you the ability to create new customer accounts through the application. This way, in case you can accept orders, for example, via phone, you can create client account offline.

Create Customer Groups and Assign Users to Them

Grouping shoppers is useful for further targeted promos and privileges. Add new customer groups and assigning clients to them easily via the app.

Easily View and Edit Client-Related Info

In Store Manager all the info related to shoppers is smartly displayed on one page. So there is no need for you to wait while browser page is loading. All the required details can be checked in main customers grid and tabs of lower grid. There you can also change information if necessary or double-click on client record.

Filter Out Customers

The software allows you to make refined selections of customers by time period and ordered products. Additionally, you can use column headings of main grid to create custom filters.

Bulk Remove Unused Customers Accounts

In order to do this, you need to select records to be removed and take advantage of “Delete” button, available in order grid. Making batch removal of unnecessary shoppers accounts can save you a lot of time.

Export Customer List to Excel or CSV

With Store Manager for Magento you can export info on your customers to CSV or Excel file. The best thing is that you can choose what details to include, selecting columns you would like to see in result file using drag&drop. You will be able to export more useful info, comparing to default Magento export tool.

Import Shoppers from CSV

You might need to import customers when you are migrating from an older Magento version, from other platform, or simply you are establishing new Magento online store. Import Customers Wizard of Store Manager for Magento allows you to map file columns to database fields to ease the process.

Smart Customers Management with Store Manager for Magento!Check Free!

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