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Magento – Add Customer, Edit Customer, Delete Customer

Spot-on and accurate Magento customer management is an obligatory part of web business running. Online merchants have to instantly accept new clients, monitor those who have already entered Magento customer list or remove clients and details from database.

In Magento back-end you can manage your clients if you go to the section - Customers -> Manage Customers

customers section magento

You will see the list of existing in your shop customers. Here you can also add new customer, filter client details (by ID, name, e-mail, phone, ZIP, country, state, date of registration), perform mass actions over selected products (delete, subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletter, assign to customer group).

customer listings magento

Store Manager for Magento helps you develop flexible customer management system, offering a handful of operations you can carry out to arrange information on your clientele.

What can be attained while handling customers with Store Manager application?

Add new customers to Magento customer list

On condition that you are going to create new customer, you should fill in the fields of “Edit customer” form to specify details. Open it pressing corresponding icon on customers toolbar or in the context menu.

add magento customer

Here you will see the following fields:

Password - combination of letters and numbers your customer will use to log in the website.

Associate to website - here you have two options displayed in dropdown - Main website and Admin. What does each of them mean? On condition that you select Main website, it will look like customers register from the frontend - they can login, place orders, add products to the wishlist, etc. Customers, associated to Admin have no opportunity to log in at frontend, add orders or proceed with anything of that kind.

Customer Group - indicate what customer group a client will belong to, choosing needed one from dropdown.

Prefix - in this field of “Edit customer form” window you can indicate the prefix to customer name, for example, Mr., Mrs., Ms.

First Name, Middle Name/Initial, Last Name - input customer name in the fields.

Suffix - in this field of “Edit customer form” window you can indicate the suffix to customer name, for example, Sr.

Email - input customer e-main in the field.

Created At - date of customer adding to Magento customer list.

Date of birth - specify customer’s date of birth in this field.

Pay attention to the fields, marked with asterisk, as they are obligatory and you won’t be able to create a customer ignoring them.

Edit Magento customers

At times you stand in need of customer data modifying. Such an option is available on customers toolbar. Select a customer from the list, press the button to derive “Edit customer” form with customer details, change the fields required and press Ok to apply changes brought.

edit magento customers

Remove customer/s from Magento customer list

You can delete unnecessary customers and data associated to them easily via Store Manager “Customers” section. Choose customer/s you want to delete and press “Delete Selected Customers” icon on the toolbar. You will derive the dialog box, asking the confirmation to remove customers from Magento database.

delete customer from magento customer list

To refresh Magento customer list, for example, after connection has been changed, use appropriate option on the toolbar.

With Store Manager for Magento you have advanced customer search functionality at your disposal. Input search parameters in corresponding field and in a few seconds you will derive records matching your request.

As you noticed, Magento customer management is a straightforward and efficient process with Store Manager application.

Read the article to reveal more customer management possibilities - www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/magento-customers-management/magento-import-customers/

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