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Magento – Customer Data

Store Manager for Magento application foresees convenient and accurate Magento customer management. Once you switch to “Manage Customers” section of the program, you will derive customer list. There is a full set of basic operations disposed on the toolbar, you may use to arrange customer details.

Customer data can be specified or modified in corresponding tabs of Store Manager for Magento lower grid.

Let’s have closer look at what exactly information can be indicated here:


In this tab you can process with customer addresses arranging. List of operations available is being disposed on the toolbar - create, edit and delete address.

To create new address, press corresponding icon on the toolbar or in the context menu and fill in the form that opened. There are the following fields to be specified: prefix, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, company, street address, city, country, zip/postal code, telephone fax, etc. Fields, marked with asterisk, are obligatory and can’t be missed, otherwise Store Manager won't allow to create the record.

It’s possible to create one or more addresses for current customer, separate entry for each one. Define which address is the Default Billing Address and which is the Default Shipping Address by choosing the radio button.

To edit Magento customer choose the record from Magento customer list and press edit customer icon on the toolbar or in the context menu. Alter required fields in the form given.

In case you need to delete customer addresses, choose the needed one and use corresponding functionality. Once you delisted a record, you won’t be able to retrieve it, until database backup had been undertaken.

Adjust column width or enable column auto width using corresponding options on the toolbar.

product reviews


In this section you can find details on the orders customer have made. Double clicking on an order will redirect to Order page, where you can view order details or perform some operations - create invoice or shipment, export orders, etc.


Shopping Cart

Products that are in the customer's shopping cart at the moment, are being listed in this section. Use appropriate buttons on the toolbar to adjust column width or enable column auto width.

shopping cart


This section contains entities Magento customer saved for further viewing. In case a customer is interested in some products and wants to postpone purchasing them, these products can be added to Store Manager wishlist. Adjust columns using corresponding buttons from the toolbar or delete records from wishlist if needed.



This section allows you to manage newsletters - subscribe or unsubscribe current customer from the newsletter.


Product Review

This section gathers product reviews, submitted by customers. Operations, available on the toolbar allow to manage product reviews. You are allowed to add, edit, delete reviews listed, adjust columns using corresponding functionality. It’s also possible to filter customer reviews by two criteria: show all reviews, show reviews of current customer. To edit or add product review, you should fill in “Edit Review Data” form fields.

product reviews

Product Tags

Here you will find the list of product tags, submitted by a customer. These are basically keywords, that can be assigned to Magento products. You can proceed with basic operations, available on the toolbar or in context menu, namely, add, delete, change status, filter tags of current customer or display all the tags.

product tags

Streamline Magento customer data management with Store Manager for Magento software. Read related article and find details on how to import customers to Magento with Store Manager - www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/magento-customers-management/magento-import-customers

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