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The majority of Magento store owners are trying to reach the biggest customers audience possible. Thus, usually they set Magento customer acquisition as a goal. If you have considerably large client-base you are lucky as you’ve reached this goal. However, the more entities you have at your database, the more difficult it becomes not only to manage, but also to find the necessary client from back-office.

Being in the e-commerce business, it is very important to keep track of where your customers are and what they are shopping for on your site so you can create the right promotions to increase sales. In big Magento customer database, looking for a record in customer grid could be long and make you lose time each day.

In case browsing through the whole Magento customer list trying to find the client or is not an option for you, use Store Manager for Magento. The application is feature-rich and provides multiple opportunities to separate out the product in a much more rapid way.

There are 2 most common ways to narrow the search of the necessary customer. First one is by means of applying built-in simple and custom filters. The second one presupposes the use of Search option.

Filter Magento Customers

Magento clients are arranged in Customers section of Store Manager for Magento respectively. Suppose you are going to sort shoppers, what's the first idea, coming to your mind? Pressing any of grid column heading, you will get customer list rearranged in alphabetical order (text fields) or from smaller to bigger (numeric fields). It is possible to use ID, Name, E-Mail, Phone, Country, ZIP, City, State, Customer since and Customer group columns for filtering.

sort magento customers in store manager

If you click on small arrow next to field title, you will see the drop-down with available options. You can select one or more checkboxes and will see the list of customers information that matches your selection.

filter magento customers easy

To change the filter, press “Customize” button at the bottom of the window. You can also close it and return to whole Magento customer list.

customize magento customer filter

Magento Customers Filter by Date or Product Ordered

To the right of Magento customer list you can see filer options. All the customers registered at your Magento webstore can be filtered by timeframe. You can choose any of date options available - this month, last month, this week, yesterday, last year, last month, last week, full period, today, or determine custom period to retrieve customers registered during this period.

magento filter of customer list

Adjacent tab in this area allows to filter Magento customers by items they have ordered at your store. Store handling requires flexible practices to be implemented and this is one of them. See how customers, that have bought specific product, can be reached in Store Manager for Magento.

  1. Move to Products tab and press Add icon on toolbar.

  2. magento customer filter by product

  3. Reach desired product via search form that has appeared.

  4. magento product search window

  5. Now you can see this product in filtering area and in order to fulfill sorting, press Apply button.

  6. magento filter customers by product they have ordered

    Consider "Coincidence" settings, please. If you are using more than one product for customer sorting, specify whether all selected products should be ordered by customers or any of products, checking "One of the products" or "All products" radio button.

List of customers, who have ordered specified items, will immediately display in the main field.

Find Necessary Customer Using Search Option

If you use 'Find' button, a new window will be opened and there you can find the client by his/her name or e-mail. Why is it good? As soon as you start typing anything in “Text to search” field, you will see results matching your request. So just indicating first letters you can find a needed customer.

magento customer search form

You can adjust the number of rows displayed in the search results if necessary.If you have found the necessary client, you can double-click on it and you will be returned to the page where this Magento customer is listed.

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