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Magento – Edit Customer

Running Magento store does not go without opportune customer management. Not infrequently store owners need to alter customer data or add some details to Magento customer list. To have matters under control and efficiently update customers info you should use Store Manager for Magento application.

It’s possible to edit customers in “Customers” section of Store Manager program. Customer details are being altered in “Edit customer data” window, that can be called by pressing corresponding icon on the toolbar or double-click on customer. Select necessary entity and open the form to implement amendments.

The form being opened, you will derive fields with information concerning Magento customers. What exactly records is it possible to update?

  • Password - indicate password (at least 6 characters) a client will use to log in your website.
  • Associate to website - select Main website or Admin option from dropdown.
  • Customer Group - select from dropdown a group, this very customer will belong to.
  • Prefix, Suffix - specify prefix, suffix that will be displayed with customer name.
  • First Name, Middle Name/Initial, Last Name, Date of Birth - indicate customer details in these fields.
  • Email - specify new email in this field.

Fields marked with asterisk sign are required and can’t be omitted. Make sure these fields are filled in, otherwise customer won’t be created.

edit magento customers

Having decent number of customers at database it may take time for you to find necessary one. Store Manager surpasses all the inconveniences, possessing remarkable product search and filter functionality. Make use of search form and find customer by name or e-mail. It’s also possible to filter customer list by time period (full period, today, yesterday, this week, etc) or products ordered. Having got target clientele you can bring required changes to them.


Store Manager for Magento allows to update customers in bulk, performing Magento import from file. It is being fulfilled via customer import/export wizard. You can upload abundance of Magento customers and information related to them within a few seconds, what makes you free from manual customer editing and gives more time for other store management tasks.

To successfully upload customer data you have to neatly organize them in the file and carefully follow every step of Magento import procedure, namely:

  • select appropriate file to append data from
  • specify correct values to separate information in spreadsheet
  • correctly link file columns to database fields, so that records will be uploaded to corresponding fields at Magento database

  • magento_customer_search_result
  • indicate suitable import method

Store Manager gives its users the edge in managing and maintaining web stores. Read the article, covering other Store Manager customer management possibilities - www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/magento-customers-management/magento-import-customers/

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