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Magento – Export Customers

Whenever you need to make changes to Magento customers records, it will be more convenient to do it in a spreadsheet. With Store Manager for Magento and its Customer Import/Export wizard, you can export customer data from Magento to the file, implement all the necessary modifications, re-import this file back to the shop and update customer-related data.

Magento export operation is fulfilled in several steps via export customer wizard. Each stage requires you to configure some setting so that information will be appended to the file successfully.

Export customer data tool is under the Store menu. Here you will find Import/Export icon, hit it and choose Import/Export Customers option from the drop-down.

start magento customer export wizard

Customers Import/Export wizard will open up. Respectively two selections will be accessible here - customer import from the file to the shop or customer related data export to the file. Click on Export icon and you will be transferred to the next step of Magento customers and customer related info export.

magento export option

Name of the file, data will be appended to, should be specified at current customer export step. Hit the Next button to move to the following stage.

magento customer export file name

Specify what exactly customers will be exported to the spreadsheet. It is possible to export all the customers you have, only filtered records or selected customers only. Press radio button for corresponding option and move to the succeeding step.

magento customers to be exported

Here you must designate delimiters by means of which file records will be separated. Pay attention to symbols you have specified since these very separators must be indicated when importing this file back to Magento.

magento customer export file delimiters

Consecutive step of Magento export to the file is meant for selecting fields that will be exported. The entire list of fields is given in the left pane. On condition that you need several customer related fields to be exported only, select them in the left window part and press > button to shift them to the right pane. Press >> in order to export all the customer associated fields. Check Export Field Names in the First Row box for field titles to be listed in the first file row. If you transferred some of the fields to the right pane but revealed that there is no necessity to export them to the file, use the corresponding button to move these fields back. Press Export button and you will turn to Preview Export window.

magento export fields

This window demonstrates data you export. There are also after export actions listed: None, Open directory containing the result file, Open result file. Once you select None, the export wizard will close automatically. To reach the folder, the exported file has been placed to, opt for “Open directory containing result file” selection. Choose the third option to open the file.

Customer data export settings can be saved on this step. Input configuration name and hit Save Settings button.

magento customers export preview

Store Manager for Magento robust solution provides you easy-to-use export wizard for swift Magento customers export. Once you go through each and every step carefully, you derive accurately organized spreadsheet with customers and information related to them.

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