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Magento – Import Customers

Running Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce store is a multi-faceted venture, including numerous store management tasks. Magento customer management belongs to the list of these tasks. To successfully organize info on your customers, change customer details and easily add new customers to database, you can resort to Store Manager for Magento and its Import/Export Customer Wizard.

Magento import of customers, carried out with Store Manager is flawless and efficient procedure. To start import from .csv of customers data, one should launch the import wizard. The button, responsible for that, is placed in Store section of the application. Import/Export Customers option should be selected from drop-down menu. Another way to set up the wizard is to go to Customers section and press the corresponding button on the toolbar.

magento import of customers

To continue data upload operation, choose import option in this window of the wizard. You are allowed to do database backup as well.

magento import from csv of cutomers

Next step of Magento customer data upload requires you to indicate csv file name and source. By means of “Load Settings” option you can use saved before import configuration and escape reconfiguring each time.

magento import of customer data file

Preview Magento import of customers window serves you for checking file data. Press OK button to move to the next step.

magento import preview

Use this sample file to arrange customers and perform appending successfully Download Now!

In this window of customer import wizard proper delimiter and quote character should be specified. Make sure these values are similar to those, specified in csv file, otherwise Magento import won’t bring desired results.

magento import of customers

On this step you need to assign columns of the file to appropriate Magento database fields. There is an alternative to link fields and columns by means of “Auto Link All” option, in case they coincide. Specify customers identification method.

magento import csv assign fields and file columns

Check once more the file on preview import step to make sure the data are structured accurately.

magento customers preview import step

Move to the next step and choose clientele import options. In case you are adding new customers to the store database and changing info on already existing ones, choose “Add and Modify” option. On condition that you are adding only, select “Add Only”, changing data for already placed to database customers - Modify Only. Note, if you choose “Just Add” option, records listed in the file will be added to database, notwithstanding customers already exist there. On this step you can save import configuration and use them for further Magento import from csv accomplishing. Press “Import” to start the process.

magento import of customers options

On the last step of Magento import of customers you can look through the results.

magento import of customers results

*Customer IDs are incremented by Magento system itself, Store Manager does not allow to force ID during import in order to ensure data integrity.

Perform accurate and fast import of customers to Magento within minimum time and efforts with Store Manager for Magento application. Find more details on Store Manager functionality here - www.mag-manager.com/magento-import/

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