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Magento – Orders Management

At the moment Magento order management section serves mostly for preview of the orders made at your shop and basic orders handling operations, such as order payment and order details edit. You can also remove selected orders if needed. More functionality will be added later on in the future releases of Store Manager. At the moment you can read useful articles with detailed explanation on the following topics: Let's go over the most important moments of Magento orders management.

Orders Section displays all purchased made at your shop and information on them in tables. Filter option is actually the one that is responsible for the orders' view on the page. If you'd like to display the orders that meet some specific time requirements only, please select the time period at the right side of the page and hit 'Apply' button.

You can find more information about any order at the bottom.

Information Tab

This tab shows you detailed information for current order, like: ordered products, their price and quantity, payment information, order totals and order details.


This section shows you invoice list. At the moment it allows you to preview invoices only. More options will be available later.

This is a record of the receipt of payment for an Magento Order (in some cases, payment can actually be automatically received simultaneously during the creation of an Invoice), thereby essentially making it a permanent record of an Order. Multiple Invoices can be created per Order, containing as much or little of the purchased item quantity as you desire. However, each unit of each item can only be invoiced one time, so there is a finite limit to the number of Invoices that can be created. Because this is a permanent record of the Order, all quantity that has been Invoiced can no longer be canceled.

Credit Memos

This is a record of a refund. An item cannot be refunded until it is paid (as in an Invoice), so you will not be able to create a Credit Memo until an Invoice has been created. While it is a record of a refund, it is not a record of a return (the actual returning of funds to the customer). In some cases, a return can be given simultaneously during the creation of a Credit Memo (just as a payment is with an Invoice), but it is not a necessary part.


This is a record containing information about shipment of orders. Like an Invoice, Multiple Shipments can be created per Order, with a finite limit.

Comments history

Here you can find a list of order comments. To help you manage order, some comments can be added while its creating, also they can be added to completed Orders. Also here you can see whether a customer was notified about the change of order status or its shipment or not.

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