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Export Magento Orders with Ordered Products, Shipping Data and Customer Details

Starting from ver. 2.15.0 (967) of Store Manager for Magento and higher, users can experience facilities of new improved Export Orders Wizard. It has been re-designed for more comfortable usage and additional possibilities were added for shop entrepreneur to have more control over orders and related to them information coming to their online shops.

New Magento Export Orders Possibilities

- Group of Fields to Export

Namely, from now at the step “Select fields to export” you can not only manually drag or move with arrows in the middle, the fields you would like to be exported to the file, but also at once add a group of fields with associated information. This way you will definitely not skip some important fields in case you need to perform orders export of some definite details.

For the mentioned purposes at the top of the page there is the menu with “Add group of fields” button, clicking which you will see gathered under certain parameter set of fields containing general data, ordered items and customer billing and shipping data.

magento order details export

- On-the-Fly Fields Adjustments

You can make file modifications right in the process of export to avoid manual adjustment when the spreadsheet is already received and opened. It is possible by means of expression option. It is good when for example, you need to send information on shipping information to some delivery company or your partner and would like name, middle name and lastname of person to whom the purchase will be delivered to be in one column, instead of 3. So, this way using this useful functionality and applying special expression formula you can get the mentioned fields merged into one in your result file.

In our case expression will be -

CONCAT([shipping_address_firstname], ' ', [billing_address_middlename], ' ', [billing_address_lastname])

magento order modificftions

More on expressions and their examples you can find here -

How to input missing dataon-the-fly in the process of data upload

More Information That Can Be Exported

- Export orders with purchased products

You can get in your file columns with information on products added to the order, like SKU of item, its name, description, price, quantity etc. This way you can get more information and see which goods are in more demand and more often purchased.

- Shipping details export

You can get in the file all shipping details on orders that include all the information where and to whom order should be delivered. This is especially convenient in case you are not delivering products yourself, but working with some shipping company or service that might need these details.

magento order shipping
- Export of full name of customer who placed the order

Previously it was possible to get the file with customers’ name, middle name and last name in separate columns. Now you can get those details in one column when exporting orders.

Read detailed tutorial and find out how goes order export procedure -


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