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Magento – export orders

There are multiple aspects to consider for online merchants, and Magento order management is certainly important one. Exporting orders and related details is an essential part of sales handling that lets you pull out order information to a file and process it further.

Store Manager for Magento simplifies order administrating, since it is capable of exporting orders in batch format to CSV, HTML, XML, Excel files. The application offers you to transfer orders to a file in two ways - via comprehensive order export wizard or using grid export option. In the post below we are going to outline both methods in details.

Export ALL/ANY Order Details Using Wizard

Magento order export performed through the wizard allows you to pull out order data to .csv file within several simple steps. In case you need to export some specific orders, for example, made by certain customer or ones, containing peculiar items, you can filter orders first.

Magento Filter Orders for Export
Magento – Export Orders

  1. Launch order import/export wizard and specify the name of .csv file information will be sent to. Input file name in corresponding field. It’s possible to load export settings, if you have saved them formerly, and avoid reconfiguring each time.

  2. Specify location to save file to and load export configuration
    Magento – Export Orders

  3. The following step of Magento order export expects you to select orders to be exported - all orders, only filtered or only selected in Store Manager orders. Previously we have filtered our test Magento orders by specific product, so we choose 'Only filtered' option here.

  4. Select orders to export
    Magento – Export Orders

  5. File separators are next in the export wizard. You may leave default ones or replace with your own.

  6. Select delimiters and quote characters
    Magento – Export Orders

  7. Finally you have to choose Magento order fields you want to see in .csv file. It should be underlined that you can pull out to the file any order related details using wizard export functionality, general order details, ordered product data, shipping and billing information.

  8. Add group of fields
    Magento – Export Orders

  9. Preview Export step allows you to check whether settings were done properly. Here you should specify what action will be performed after orders are being exported to the file: open directory, containing result file; open result file or none. Press 'Export' button to complete the process.

  10. Preview result file
    Magento – Export Orders

Perform Grid Export of Magento Orders

Falling back on grid Magento order export, you should pay attention to the fact that it transfers to the file order details displayed in the grid only. When export wizard puts no limitation on number of fields to be exported, grid export does not boast of such possibility. Though it is quite handy, when you need to have the list of orders and basic details in the file. Before export you can exclude/include predefined order fields, as it is shown at the screenshot.

Magento exclude columns from the grid
Magento – Export Orders

Necessary fields being included to the grid, click on 'Export' button and select what file format you will export orders to: XML, Excel, HTML.

Export orders from the grid
Magento – Export Orders

Done! Magento orders, displayed in the grid have been exported to the file.

Store Manager ensures flawless and consistent export of orders and information on them to .csv, .xml, .html, Excle files via wizard or grid export option and contributes to workable order management.

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