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Make Magento Order Management Simpler with POS (Point of Sale) System

Magento point of sale system provides online business with an increase in efficiency and output. Integrating with POS, online entrepreneurs not only boost business performance, but enhance order management and focus on selling.

POS system, Store Manager for Magento offers, will be the best fit for users practice. Facile in exploitation and user-friendly POS tool is meant for instantaneous order creation using barcode scanner or adding target product to order via product search form.

Benefits of Store Manager for Magento POS System

  • POS system reduces order entry time, it ensures instant search for products and adds them to the order;
  • Magento orders are created within one page only;
  • Items can be added to orders using barcode scanner, which reads EAN codes and reaches necessary merchandise right away;
  • Order cash and change calculation;
  • Order invoice printing;
  • Orders can be created operating with keyboard and hotkeys only without using mouse.

As it was stated above, products can be added to orders scanning their EAN codes with barcode reader. Respectively, this device should be connected to the computer via USB. By default the reader acts like keyboard and product search is completed by its code. After EAN is read, it gets to the search field and corresponding product will be shown. It is possible to change the settings and choose “Handle as barcode scanner” option in Preferences (F12) - Barcode Settings. Thus, the scanner performs the function of data input device and transfers read out information to Store Manager.

Some may think, orders can be created with Magento point of sale only in case the scanner in available. If some of users do not have this equipment, all the required operations should be accomplished manually.

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The Procedure of Order Creation with POS

  1. Open Point of Sale window to start order creation. Reach this option under Store section of the software or press F11 and POS window will appear regardless of what Store Manager section is currently active.

  2. Magento POS
    Magento POS

    Point of sale window comes up. The screenshot below demonstrates how it looks like.

    Magento POS
    Magento POS

  3. Add necessary product to Magento order.

  4. Certain item must be transferred to this order either by code scanning or manually via Quick Add Product (F2), specifying fields to search in. Once the text to search for and fields to search in are designated, one should press enter and list of products that match request will be listed in the drop-down.

    *If all the fields are marked for search, this procedure will take longer time.

    Magento POS
    Magento POS

    We have added test product "High heels" to order via Magento POS window.

    Magento POS
    Magento POS

    If you want to add quantity of ordered items you can press '+' button on your keyboard or press Enter and type the necessary quantity.

  5. Next what should be done is customer info and order status indication. Click on search icon on customer field and select the one from dropdown.

  6. Magento POS
    Magento POS

    On condition that needed customer has not been created previously, it can be created directly from POS window. For that online shop owner should press New Customer or Ctrl+F3 combination and input all the required details.

    Magento POS
    Magento POS

  7. Delivery and payment methods are in turn. Choose suitable options from the drop-downs.

  8. Magento POS
    Magento POS

Once product is added to the order and all other details are designated, user can switch to order creation. Pressing F11, eCommerce proprietor will simply create the order, and for order invoice to be printed, one is to press F12. Additional functions are available below in point of sale Magento window.

mag pos new screens
mag pos new screens

Website managers can easily calculate change, print invoices, proceed with scanner settings or find product through product search form.

Create orders in a convenient and quick way with new point of sale system Store Manager software possesses and make order management simpler.

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