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Magento product management

Magento products pages are the most essential part of your web site. They contain vital details, images and information about goods you sell online. However, inputting and maintaining an online store with embracing product inventory might be not an easy task at times.

In such a way, you have to prioritize product management to maximize online store profitability. Store Manager for Magento enhances store content arranging by means of powerful management system it incorporates. This section contains articles that cover main aspects of streamlined product management.

Store Manager makes immense contribution to product data handling, providing high level of functionality.

Magento Product Management Capabilities

Full Set of Basic Operations

Designate product details in an instant, relying upon scope of basic product management operations, this application comprises. You can create new item via Add New Product functionality, using copy/paste technique or cloning existing Magento products. Modify product details, assign product category, remove needless items from store database, change product position, refresh product list easily by means of applicable operations, available on product toolbar or in the context menu.

Different Product Types Support

With Store Manager for Magento you are free to create products of various types - simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, bundled, downloadable products. It allows you to customize product catalog and define appropriate set of features to items you sell.

Custom Options Management

Custom options are an apt way to customize the catalog and create different variations of the same product. Store Manager offers you efficient tools for hassle-free arranging of items with custom options.

Magento Product Export

Entrust Magento export of products to the Export Wizard medium - derive products and information associated with them in CSV or TXT files in several clicks only.

Import of Products and Related Data

Magento import of product data is considered almost the most efficient means for first-class store content management. Store Manager Import Wizard acts as robust data transfer tool and ensures product appending from files of XML, CSV, XLS, TXT, XLSX formats. It helps you attain accuracy and consistency of product transfer and derive desired outcomes.

Relevant Product Filter and Search Functionality

Not to waste time on catalog browsing and uncover necessary product within short span of time? It’s real with Store Manager filter and search possibilities - resort to default filters, sequence data using column headings, add custom filter or take advantage of advanced product search.

Magento Product Images Management

This application ensures sustainable product images handling and functions as efficient image uploader. Arrange site imagery via Store Manager Image Gallery, import product pictures via the Import Wizard utility, upload local as well as remote images to your web store at an easy rate.

Magento Store Manager provides you a straightforward way for spotless and quick product management. Fulfil Magento import and export, develop site imagery, proceed with convenient product search - arrange your catalog remarkably.

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