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Import Images With Store Manager for Magento

When it comes to bulk Magento image upload, you would gladly prefer efficient import tool, that will make this process fluent and time-saving. Magento admin somewhat lacks the flexibility of picture import and might be insufficient when large data volumes should be processed. Nevertheless, you can always resort to Store Manager for Magento and optimize photo upload, developing comprehensive site imagery in this way.

Thus images are being uploaded via product import wizard and in order to accomplish this task successfully, you are supposed to consider the points, outlined below

Points to Consider:

  • Image upload requires FTP connection to be configured, so before commencing on data appending, verify connection in Preferences ->FTP
  • Make sure, your media folder has all the permissions that allow to upload pictures. On condition that there are some restrictions, you might be unable to add Magento photos
  • Uploading multitude of images, ensure you have enough space at FTP. Exceeded FTP quote means, there is no sufficient place, so you should either remove unnecessary images or ask hosting provider to increase FTP quote for you
  • It is recommended to upload up to 2MB images to ensure fluent page loads
  • Store Manager allows to upload .jpg, .png, .bmp images
  • Due to Magento logic, pictures are uploaded to media/catalog/product directory. There will be created subfolders on the basis of two first letters of image filename. The image name being, for example, photo.jpg, it will be placed to media/catalog/product/p/h/photo.jpg

Apparently, Magento import of images depends on how information is arranged in the file. Using Store Manager, you can upload pictures, stored locally, as well as ones from URLs. File samples, provided below, demonstrates how images should be arranged in the file

Uploading Local Images

This is a test product, which already exists at Magento and we need to upload images to it. We included only product name and SKU as identifier. You may include any of product details you need to the file.

Import of images sample file
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

As you know, there are three types of images in Magento - base, small and thumbnail. Base image is displayed as main on the product page. Small image is shown in listings on category and search results pages, as well as represent product image needed for sections such as Up-sells, Cross-sells. Additional product images are stored in Media Gallery. Respectively, we have Base Image, Small Image, Thumbnail and Media Gallery columns and Media Gallery Position in the file.

Media Gallery includes several images, detached by separator.

Uploading Remote Images from .http Links

If you are uploading remote images to Magento, you should have http links specified in the file. Images must be accessible (you can check in the browser) with image extension at the end, for example http://site.com/boots1.jpg

Import of images from URL sample file
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

Likewise local images, described above, you can upload multiple remote images to Media Gallery. Specify images http paths in Media Gallery column of your .csv file and use delimiter to separate them.

Image Upload Settings

The file undergoes import with product import wizard. Step-by-step instruction you can find in this article - Import Magento Products Quickly and Safely

What concerns product picture, you should dwell on the following:

STEP: Fields Delimiter and Additional Settings

First and foremost thing you should do to get images appended to Magento is enabling of-the-same-name “Import Images” checkbox

If local images are uploaded to Magento database, specify the directory they are stored in

Import of multiple images
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

The next thing to be set, is image terminating character. As it has been emphasized above, uploading multiple pictures to Image Gallery, you should list them in one file column and on this step select the separator, used in the file.

Please, pay attention to multiple value delimiter and make sure that this symbol is not used as part of image name

Specify Fields Delimiter and Additional Settings
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

*Please note, Magento 1.9.1 and higher comes with image management changes. One and the same image can not be assigned to multiple products with identical name. Store Manager works due to Magento logic, regenerates image name (e.g _1) if it is assigned to several products and adds the same image with different names. Check "Generate new image name, if image already exists" option to successfully upload pictures.

There is a possibility to remove existing images from Image Gallery. If, for example, you need to substitute pictures - upload new photos to merchandise, but do not want to keep current ones, activate this option. Correspondingly, to remove them from FTP, check “Delete images from FTP” box below.

Upload images options
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

STEP: Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields

On this step you should indicate product identifier and map file columns to respective database fields. Ensure, all the necessary fields are assigned - small, base, thumbnail - each of image type and media gallery, embracing all the images, related to current item.

Assign .csv columns to database fields
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

Let's check Magento image import outcomes in Store Manager

Check Magento image import outcomes in Store Manager
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

and at the storefront

Image import results at the storefront
Import Images with Store Manager for Magento

After the procedure of Magento import images from .csv is completed, check whether photos were correctly uploaded to your FTP in directory - media/catalog/product and in sub-folders which correspond to 2 first letters of image name as it has been

Store Manager for Magento allows you to bring to life all import ideas. Download fully-functional version of the application and enjoy easy way to perform Magento import of product images -


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